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October  24, 2014   --Republic Day of Kazakhstan   --United Nations Day of Micronesia   --United Nations Day of Paulu   --Independence Day of Zambia   --Diwali of Fiji   --Diwali of Guyana   --Diwali of India   --Diwali of Trinidad and Tobago   --El-am-Hejir (Islamic New Year) of Djibouti   --Islamic New Year of Bangladesh   --Islamic New Year of Brunei   --El-am-Jejir (Islamic New Year) of Burkina Faso   --Islamic New Year of Cote d'Ivory   --El Hirja (Islamic New Year) of Egypt   --Muharram (Islamic New Year) of India   --Islamic New Year of Iran   --El Hijra (Islamic New Year) of Jordan   --Islamic New Year of Lebanon   --Islamic New Year of Libya   --Islamic New Year of Malaysia   --Islamic New Year of Maldives   --Islamic New Year of Mauritania   --Islamic New Year of Morocco   --Islamic New Year of Oman   --Islamic New Year of Pakistan   --Islamic New Year of Philippines   --Islamic New Year of Qatar   --Islamic New Year of Sudan   --Islamic New Year of Syria   --Islamic New Year of Tunisia   --Islamic New Year of United Arab Emirates   --Islamic New Year of Yemen   --Islamic New Year of Iraq   --Islamic New Year of Algeria
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Should Venezuela Default?
Will Venezuela default on its foreign bonds? Markets fear that it might. That is why Venezuelan bonds pay over 11 percentage points more than US Treasuries, which is 12 times more than Mexico, four times more than Nigeria, and double what Bolivia pays.Read More >

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Should Venezuela Default?

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