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April  20, 2014   --Easter Sunday of Belgium   --Easter Sunday of Bulgaria   --Easter Sunday of Czech Republic   --Easter Sunday of Ecuador   --Easter Sunday of Germany   --Easter of Nauru   --Easter of Panama   --Easter Sunday of Poland   --Easter of Zimbabwe   --Easter Sunday of Netherlands   --Easter Sunday of New Zealand   --Easter of Nicaragua   --Easter of Papua New Guinea   --Easter of Paraguay   --Easter Sunday of Philippines   --Easter of Costa Rica   --Easter of Cote d'Ivory   --Easter Sunday of Croatia   --Easter Sunday of Denmark   --Easter of Dominica   --Easter of Dominican Republic   --Easter Sunday of Portugal   --Easter of Saint Kitts and Nevis   --Easter of Saint Lucia   --Easter Sunday of Bolivia   --Easter of Botswana   --Easter Sunday of Brazil   --Easter of Estonia   --Easter Sunday of Finland   --Easter Sunday of France   --Easter of Ghana   --Easter Sunday of Andorra   --Easter Sunday (Typically not a public holiday, due to Sunday) of Austria   --Easter Sunday of Spain   --Easter of Antigua and Barbuda   --Easter of Argentina   --Easter of Barbados   --Easter of Belarus   --Easter Sunday of Bosnia and Herzegovina   --Easter of Grenada   --Easter of Guatemala   --Easter of Haiti   --Easter of Honduras   --Easter Sunday of Hungary   --Easter of Iceland   --Easter of Indonesia   --Easter of Ireland   --Easter Sunday of Italy   --Easter of Kenya   --Easter of Kiribati   --Easter Sunday of Latvia   --Easter Sunday of Lichtenstein   --Easter of Luxembourg   --Easter of Malta   --Easter of Marshall Islands   --Easter of Mexico   --Easter of Micronesia   --Easter of Monaco   --Easter of Saint Vincent and Grenadines   --Easter Sunday of Samoa   --Easter of San Marino   --Easter of Singapore   --Easter Sunday of Slovakia   --Easter of Slovenia   --Easter of Solomon Islands   --Easter Sunday of Suriname   --Easter Sunday of Sweden   --Easter Sunday of Switzerland   --Easter of Syria   --Easter of Tanzania   --Easter of Tonga   --Easter Sunday of Tuvalu   --Easter of Uganda   --Easter of Vanuatu   --Easter of Venezuela   --Orthodox Easter of Belarus   --Easter Sunday (Orthodox) of Bosnia and Herzegovina   --Easter Sunday (Orthodox) of Cyprus   --Easter Sunday (Orthodox) of Ethiopia   --Easter (Orthodox)/ Pascha of Georgia   --Easter Sunday (Orthodox) of Greece   --Easter Sunday (Orthodox) of Montenegro   --Easter (Orthodox) of Russia   --Easter Sunday (Orthodox) of Serbia   -- Orthodox Easter of Syria   --Easter (Orthodox) of Ukraine
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Sonic Geography in Norway: The Ice Music Festival
Can music conjure up a sense of place? Along with national and global influences, I believe musical identity and expression may be linked to geography. In Norway, I consider the relationship of music, identity, and place as I walk through the snow-covered lanes of the mountain village of Geilo (a ski town, where the borders of the snow-covered streets blend into the snow-covered sidewalks) to listen to a series of breathtaking concerts.Read More >

Sonic Geography in Norway: The Ice Music Festival

Sylvia Fein: Surrealist at 94

Crimea Vote Splits Families

Monk Sparks Row Between Spain and China

Stateless in Nepal

The Petrified Forest

Women More Educated Than Men But Still Paid Less

Ukraine After Yanukovych

Regional Currency Cosolidation

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