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Americana in Vermont: Art, Design and History
Thinking about Vermont makes me smile, although I am not sure if it is the place itself or the idea. It could be the openness of the landscape or the people, both of which are impressive. In the green hills, fresh air, farms, folk art, friendly folks, family-run inns, and fierce independence mix with an appealing aesthetic sense as ingredients in a successful recipe.Read More >

Whitman and Cummings: Two Free Spirits

"Conversing with Oaks" and "Sitting at Night"

A Visit to Philly: A City of Bells and Whistles

Incomparable Jerusalem: The Apple of God's Eye!

Americana in Vermont: Art, Design and History

Where to Find the Wild Things In NYC

Ferozkoh: Renewing the Arts of the Turquoise Mountain

Educating Syria’s Refugee Children

When Christian Power Was Arrayed Against a Judeo-Muslim Ideology

Six Degrees of Suriname

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