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Eye on the High Court

In this collection, veteran attorney David Slade discusses cases on the Supreme Court docket that focus on a range of human concerns, from gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment to corporate foul play and telemarketing fraud. Slade deftly provides a background on historic landmark cases that serve as a precedent for resolving these issues. In the process, he helps readers come away with a better understanding of Supreme Court procedures as well as a working knowledge of the Constitution and the vested rights they hold as Americans.

Business, Labor, and Commerce 
Can a State Have a Foreign Policy? (Crosby v. National Foreign Trade Council) Oct 2000
Discrimination Suit Challenged (Wal-Mart v. Dukes) Apr 2011
Eminent Domain: States Rush to Counter Court's Ruling (Kelo v. City of New London) Jan 2006
Inequality is Killing Capitalism Dec 2012
Who Controls Comp Time? (Christensen v. Harris County) Jul 2000
You Can't Sue the King (Alden v. Maine) Sep 1999
Business, Labor, and Commerce (Environment) 
A Clash Over Wetlands (SWANCC v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) Dec 2000
Environment: Wine, Wetlands, and Clean Water (Borden Ranch Partnership v. Army Corps of Engineers) Dec 2002
Scarcity Reveals an Inaccessible Excess Oct 2013
This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land (Amoco Production Company v. Southern Ute Indian Tribe) Oct 1999
'Virtual' Child Porn (Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition) Apr 2001
'Virtual' Child Porn Ban Ruled Overbroad (Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition) Jul 2002
Girls Fight Back Against Child Marriage Oct 2013
Grandparents' Rights (Troxel v. Granville) Sep 2000
A Court Turning to the Right Nov 2005
A Slippery Hold on the Courts Dec 2004
Assisted Suicide Returns to the Spotlight (Kevorkian v. Warden Warren) Nov 2004
Conservative Mainstays Leave Imprint May 2011
DRC Peacebuilding Ignores Local Solutions Oct 2013
Freedom of Expression (Los Angeles Police Department v. United Reporting Publishing Corp) Nov 1999
How the Court Confirmation Process Became a Political Slugfest Nov 2005
How Will New-Found Diversity Affect Court Decisions? May 2011
Is the Death Penalty Broken? Dec 2004
Justices in No Hurry on Gay Rights Issue Apr 2005
Peering Into the High Court's Future Oct 2004
Supreme Court in History and Today Nov 2005
The First Monday in October Nov 1998
To Form a More Perfect Union Apr 1998
Constitutional Law (1st Amendment Rights) 
A School Prayer: Lord Help Us Win the Game! (District v. Jane Doe et. al) Feb 2000
Christian Clubs in Public Schools (Good News Club v. Milford Central School) Sep 2001
First Amendment: The 'Terror' in Cross Burning (Virginia v. Black) Jul 2003
Fractured Court and the First Amendment (Erie v. Pap's A.M.) Jun 2000
Hateful Protests at Military Funerals Upheld: (Snyder v. Phelps) Apr 2011
Kids and Cable Porn (U.S. v. Playboy Entertainment Group) Aug 2000
Telemarketing and the First Amendment (Ryan v. Telemarketing Associates) Apr 2003
Telemarketing and the Supreme Court (Ryan v. Telemarketing Associates) Aug 2003
Constitutional Law (4th Amendment Rights) 
Crack-Baby Prevention (Ferguson et al. v. City of Charleston) Mar 2001
Lights, Cameras, Arrest! (Hanlon, Rodney, et al. v. Berger et ux and Wilson v. Layne) Feb 1999
Lights, Cameras--Cut! (Hanlon, Rodney, et al. v. Berger et ux and Wilson v. Layne) Aug 1999
Moms' Privacy Over Infants' Health (Ferguson v. City of Charleston) Jun 2001
Police Power Defeats Private Rights (Atwater v. City of Lago Vista) Jul 2001
Pushing the Envelope in the Drug War (U.S. v Ralph Arvizu) Dec 2001
Run! It's the Cops! (Illinois v. Wardlow) Dec 1999
Search Powers Sustained (U.S. v. Ralph Arvizu) Apr 2002
Constitutional Law (Article I) 
Federal Elections and the Constitution (Foster v. Love) Aug 1998
Line-Item Veto is Unconstitutional (Clinton v. City of New York) Sep 1998
Stand Up and Be Counted: The 2000 Census (U.S. Department of Commerce v. U.S. House of Representatives) Jan 1999
The Census Case: No Statistical Apportionment (U.S. Department of Commerce v. U.S. House of Representatives) Apr 1999
The Count and the Constitution (Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board) Feb 2001
The Power of the Purse (Clinton v. New York City) Jun 1998
Constitutional Law (Other) 
Equality, Truth, and the American Way (Miller v. Albright) Jul 1998
Criminal Law 
A Stay of Execution (Bryan v. Moore) Jan 2000
Capital Punishment: Executing Underage Killers (State of Missouri v. Christopher Simmons) Aug 2004
Intention Vs. Reality: To Catch a Conspirator (United States v. Recio) May 2003
Three Strikes and You're Out! (Lockyer v. Andrade) Jan 2003
Minority Rights 
Affirmative Action: Not So Black-and-White a Question (Grutter v. Bollinger) Mar 2003
All Men Are Created Equal (Cedar Rapids Community School District v. Garret F.) Dec 1998
Homosexuality's Decriminalization (Lawrence v. Texas) Oct 2003
Illinois: Driver's Licenses and Illegal Immigrants Dec 2012
Pro Sports and Personal Disabilities (PGA Tour Inc. v. Casey Martin) Jan 2001
South Korea: New Beacon for Refugees Oct 2013
That's the IDEA! (Cedar Rapids Community School District v. Garret F. ) Jun 1999
The Law and the Links (PGA Tour v. Casey Martin) Aug 2001
Social Services (Education) 
'Peer Grading' Passes School Privacy Test (Owasso Independent School District v Falvo) May 2002
Privacy of School Grades (Owasso Independent School District v. Falvo) Jan 2002
School Vouchers Battle (Zelman v. Simmons-Harris) Jun 2002
Social Services (Health) 
Medicinal Marijuana (U.S. v. Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative) May 2001
Power Over Medical Decisions (Rush Prudential HMO v. Moran) Mar 2002
Supreme Court Will Hear Health Care Case Dec 2011
Taps for Medicinal Marijuana (U.S. v. Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative) Nov 2001
Women's Issues 
Fair Ball! NCAA Scores Shutout Victory (NCAA v. Smith) May 1999
Foul Play (NCAA v. Smith) Mar 1999
Schools, the Workplace, and Sexual Harassment (Faragher v. Boca Raton and Gebser v. Lago Vista) Oct 1998
Sexual Harassment: Who Is Liable? (Faragher v. Boca Raton and Gebser v. Lago Vista) May 1998
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