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About WorldandI.com

WorldandI.com is a multifaceted monthly online publication as well as a database which presents thought-provoking readings in politics, science, culture, and more in sections on Current Issues, Life, Book World, The Arts, Natural Science, Culture, Modern Thought, and Civil War.

Started in 1986 as a print magazine, The World & I has accumulated a wealth of timeless articles written by scholars and experts--all of which are now available on our online database. The print magazine World & I was converted to an online-only format in 2004 to join the rapidly evolving technology advances in the publishing world.

WorldandI.com is designed for the general public. Its core pages include Social Sciences, Books and Travel, Science, the Arts, as well as Spanish and English learning programs. Our Special Collections feature comprehensive Global Culture Studies, World Gallery, Environment in Flux, Shedding Light on Islam, American Indian Heritage, Millennial Moments, and more. Beautiful visual aids breathe life and meaning into these contents.

WorldandI.com stands as the one and only single magazine-based database serving the general public. Year after year, The World & I proves itself to be a leader in the swiftly evolving world of online education.


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