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A history of the United States cannot be complete without discussion of the American Indians, also known as First Nations. To this end The World & I Online offers a unique educational resource: a special collection presenting nearly eighty feature-length essays concerned with Indian culture, history, and contemporary issues.

The collection offers scholarly insight into the lifestyles and more
The complex cultures and histories that define traditional American Indian societies persist as powerfully today as in the past.  
Sometimes successful, sometimes turbulent, relations between Indians and an ever-expanding American society have often been fraught with uncertainty.  
Seeking their place in the modern world while striving to preserve the integrity of their traditions, Indian societies confront diverse issues and situations.  
Though they can be judged in many ways, Indian festivals, crafts, and folklore most importantly convey traditional knowledge, histories, and interpretations of both the seen and unseen worlds.  
American Indian identity is not monolithic. The peoples of every region have distinct and unique characteristics.  

All collection images are courtesy of the Library of Congress, the U.S. Geological Society, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Heard Museum, as well as from The World & I Online.
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