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One of the great beneficiaries of economic globalization, China is now a major player on the global stage. It competes with the United States in offering aid to under-developed nations. The expansion of Chinese influence seems a natural expression of recent growth. But perhaps even the Chinese are uncertain of their motives and goals. In these essays we explore some of the major issues and debates that surround China's increasingly dominant international presence.
United States
US Grants Help Chinese “G,” not NGOs
Asia Watches Diplomatic Dance
China's Status on the Rise
A Spymaster Complains
U.S.-China Duopoly, 'Chimerica,' is a Pipedream
A Pax Sino-Americana?
China's Global Role
Global Influence
Threat of War Looms in Southeast Asia
China’s Boomerang Diplomacy
Scandal Erodes China’s Soft Power
China Courts the Middle East
China Confident of Global Leadership Role
Latin America Turning Toward Beijing
Limits of Chinese Power in Southeast Asia
Tea Symbolizes Asia’s Changing Fortunes
China’s Choice in North Korea
China Becomes Increasingly Assertive
Shanghai Hosts Ambitious World Expo
Brazil Dances With the Dragon
A Responsible Great Power
Standing Apart From Global Community
Treading Cautiously on the World Stage
What do the Chinese Think of Their New Role in the World?
A Microcosm of Chinese Anger
China Asserts Sovereignty over South China Sea
Taiwan Dances on a Tightrope: Prospective New Constitution Irritates Beijing
Taiwan: The Economic Miracle
What the U.S. Should Do
The Taiwan Conundrum
Hong Kong: How It Might Vitalize China
Hong Kong's Destiny: Reading the Tea Leaves

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