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Important Political Leaders

Jefferson Davis

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'Jeff in Petticoats' kicks Rebel president  
Confederacy's first and last inauguration  
Danville Proclamation  
Davis library and museum built in Mississippi  
Davis passes up chance to buy navy early in war  
Davis' administration of the pen  
Davis' camels a 'Hi Jolly' glory  
Davis' warm, fatherly affection for 'Winnie'  
Lincoln and Davis: Commanding differences between the two Presidents  
Mary and Varina: The War's two first ladies  
Mary and Varina: When the nation had two first ladies  
New York Daughters of the Confederacy honors three Davis women  
Review: Author strikes gold in tale of struggle for Plains  
Review: Davis feared industry's toll on grace, civility  
Southern leaders: Some questioned the wisdom of secession  
Sumter: Jefferson Davis and his decision  
Varina: Davis' loyal, courageous first lady  
    The Slavery Period

The American Revolution, Constitution and Founding
Fathers (1770-1820)

Jacksonian Democracy, Abolitionism and the Failure
of Unity (1820-1860)
    1861       1863        1865
1862       1864
    Abraham Lincoln
Other Unionists
Jefferson Davis
Other Confederates
    Ulysses S. Grant
Other Union Leaders

Robert E. Lee
Other Confederate Leaders
  Union Soldiers and Sailors
Confederate Soldiers and Sailors
Northern Civilians
Southern Civilians
  Slavery During the War
The Growth of Freedmen
The Emancipation Proclamation
United States Colored Troops
  The North
The South
From Slavery to Freedom
– and Back Again
  Washington, DC, Area During the War
Richmond During the War
The Medical Field During the War
Modern Events About the Civil War
Movies About the Civil War
Newspapers, Magazines, Books on the Civil War
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