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Americans at War and at Home

Confederate Soldiers and Sailors

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'Annie Laurie' and lonely soldiers  
'So Far' writer falls short of promise to tell all about POWs held by North  
`Irish Rebels' stories reflect characters of conflict  
`Lee's Miserables': The glories and agonies  
1,960 Confederates still remain at island prison  
A gentle Rebel youth `slain in battle'  
Alabama warship left a crimson tide  
Alexandrians' personal tales also city's story  
Black troops were `invisible' part of Confederate army  
Blacks, Jews fight on side of the South  
Chaplain's beliefs included Rebel cause  
Colonel John Burke: The Spy with the Glass Eye -- Part I  
Colonel John Burke: The Spy with the Glass Eye -- Part II  
Colonel John Burke: The Spy with the Glass Eye Part III  
Confederacy troops stirred by World War I  
Confederate link to 1942 battle  
Confederate widow, 89, lives in Arkansas  
D.C. man descendant of slave who fought alongside master  
Defiant Texans models badge of courage  
Dental office offers cover  
Desertion: A plague for both sides  
Eggleston: A Memoirist filled with affection and sympathy  
Exploits of a Confederate scout  
Fauquier cavalry rides in history  
Federals Battle Naked Rebels  
Flag-draped private rallies Rebels  
Gettysburg: Two infantrymen, Two Roads  
Goad: From Rebel to POW to galvanized Yank  
Graffiti brings soldiers' voices into present  
Homesick soldiers take up the pen  
Hunt for one grave yields records on 520  
Lake Erie lockup for Confederate POWs  
Last message written in soldier's own blood  
Letters Detail Camp Life, POW Miseries  
Loudoun: Two forces fight 'brother's war'  
Loudoun: Two forces fight 'brother's war'  
Love story told in captive captain's diary  
Men of Snow's Battery drawn from a divided Cecil County  
Mobberly: Conflicting portraits of Rebel who was 'assassinated'  
Monument to Confederates brought North, South together  
Mosby manhunt bloodies California Hundred  
Piecing Together a Soldier's Tale  
Rebel cruiser takes many ships before capture  
Rebel dead faced uncertain burial  
Rebel raider disguised in hoop skirt  
Research unveils reality behind family story  
Review: 'Brotherhood of Valor'  
Review: Prisoners of war suffer in 'Portals to Hell'  
Scout was determined warrior for Rebels, God  
Semmes: Consumate sea raider also a tough captain  
Shenandoah, South's last armed ship  
Simeon Corley's stand for freedom  
Stirring account of medals, men of `Valor'  
Stringfellow: The rebel scout of many disguises  
Texas Brigade: Legacy of Valor  
The Confederate Navy and the CSS Shenandoah: Part 4  
The Confederate Navy and the CSS Shenandoah: Part 5  
The Confederate Navy and the CSS Shenandoah: Part 1  
The Confederate Navy and the CSS Shenandoah: Part 2  
The Confederate Navy and the CSS Shenandoah: Part 3  
Valor of Southern soldiers not forgotten  
War Prisions: In black and white, but still unclear  
Warrenton Cemtery: When hallowed grounds succumb to indifference  
    The Slavery Period

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