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Americans at War and at Home

Union Soldiers and Sailors

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'Albert Cashier': One Woman's Military Service  
'Annie Laurie' and lonely soldiers  
'Herkimer Regiment' bloodied for Union  
'Johnny Shiloh': Heroics and Myths  
12-Year-Old in Lincoln's Army  
12th N.H. Volunteer saved by fate until 1911  
15th Kentucky confronts Rebel fire  
1936 veterans reunion in Washington was a grand affair  
Andersonville POWs: Remembering the agony  
Arduous, 400-mile trek to freedom  
Blazer's Scouts picked away at Confederacy  
Cattaraugus Regiment: Wounded in Action but Dishonored  
Chickamauga: The 115th Illinois and its test  
Chippewa sharpshooters fought gallantly for Union  
Connecticut private marched into many battles, promotions  
Desertion: A plague for both sides  
Errickson: Little-known soldier has place in history  
Faith in their hearts, battle at hand  
Farmhand recruits made soliders via code  
Federals Battle Naked Rebels  
First Rife Shot in the Civil War in Virginia  
Flawed research hits Ohio history marker  
Forgotten soldier carved name in history  
Freedoms high price remembered  
Gettysburg: Two infantrymen, Two Roads  
Goad: From Rebel to POW to galvanized Yank  
Graffiti brings soldiers' voices into present  
Homesick soldiers take up the pen  
Hungry Irish join North's fight against South  
ID Disc Bears Witness to Combat Injury  
ID found leads to soldier's story  
ID tags resurrect exploits of four Union soldiers  
ID Tags: Piece of Metal Tells Story of Private  
Irish Brigade's flags add green to the Blue  
Irish prove lucky for the Union  
Loudoun: Two forces fight 'brother's war'  
Manly heroism of a teen-age Union bugler  
Maps Key to Union Successes  
Marines' befuddlement early in battle: A human look  
Men of Snow's Battery drawn from a divided Cecil County  
Michigan warriors brave three-side battle  
Mosby manhunt bloodies California Hundred  
Oberlin students defend the capital  
Petersburg: The bloody charge of the 1st Maine  
Piecing Together a Soldier's Tale  
Private's thoughts turn to home during the holiday  
Review: 'Battle' paints evocative portrait of men in the killing fields  
Review: 'Brotherhood of Valor'  
Review: 'Diary' narrates simple horrors of Civil War  
Review: 'Hands' exhibit shows care of wounded Union soldiers  
Review: Book vividly frees artillerymen from obscurity  
Review: Frank, detailed picture of a Union soldier's life  
Review: Observations from the 'Bloody Fourth'  
Review: Prisoners of war suffer in 'Portals to Hell'  
Review: Soldier's memoir of war and agony  
Sarah Edmonds: Only woman in Grand Army of Republic  
Savacool: Union superscout  
Scott may have made war rougher for regulars  
Smith Hailed as a 'Perfect Soldier'  
Soldier's membrance of Civil War and Lincoln  
Soldier's poetry recounts wartime, postwar travails  
Soldiers laid to rest in Hagerstown cemetery  
Somber visit to grave No. 898  
Southern troops who served in blue altered war's course  
Steamships Float on Unsafe Hulls  
Students interview sons of Union soldiers  
Swamp Dragons muddy the way of Rebel Raiders  
Troy cadets continue to uphold tradition  
Union ironclad sinks the 'snake'  
Union private's badge of courage  
Union Private's Personal Ordeal  
Union survivor recalls loss of Sultana with 2,200 aboard  
Union's experimental cavalry drives lance into doubter's hearts  
Union's horde of rare uniforms preserved for posterity  
Unique Hereos given Special Honor  
War Prisions: In black and white, but still unclear  
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  Union Soldiers and Sailors
Confederate Soldiers and Sailors
Northern Civilians
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The Growth of Freedmen
The Emancipation Proclamation
United States Colored Troops
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From Slavery to Freedom
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Modern Events About the Civil War
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