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Article Recommended Classes Posted Date
"The Cavity in Health Insurance Coverage: Oral Health" Life Science   May 2016
"Could FDA E-cigarette Regulations Help More People QuitSmoking?
" Life Science   March 2016
"Ebola Outbreak of 2014 May Have Laid Tracks for Deadly Measles Epidemic in Africa" Life Science   April 2015
"Sick with Measles, Again" Life Science   March 2015
"Argentina Celebrates New Year Free of Trans Fats" Life Science   February 2015
"Acupuncture in the Modern World " Life Science,  Religion,  World History   February 2005
"New Research Holds Hope for Rare Disorders " and "The Promise of Modern Phytotherapy " Science (Life Science)   November 2004
"Dimming of Vision: Age-Related Sight Loss in Adults 50 and Older " and "Beating Heart Disease: No. 1 Killer Suffers Lack of Proper Funding " Science (Life Science),  Civics & Government   August 2004
"Designing Foods to Prevent Diseases " Science (Life Science, General)   May 2004
"Offering Hope to the Emotionally Depressed " Science (Life Science)   April 2004
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