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Our Crossword Puzzle Archive includes the complete collection of article-based puzzles posted each week since we began this feature in July 2003. The title of each puzzle is simply the title of the article(s) upon which it is based. Puzzles are searchable by either Recommended Class or month and year of posting. We invite you to make good use of these puzzles to sharpen your studentsí vocabulary and learning skills.

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Most Recent Puzzles

Article   Recommended Classes Posted Date
"Nikola Tesla: The Extraordinary Life of a Modern Prometheus" Culture,  People   February 2018
"Our Fight with Fat: Why is Obesity Getting Worse?" Life,  Health   February 2018
"Good Genes are Nice, but Joy is Better" Life,  Longevity   January 2018
"Should Environmental Refugees be Granted Asylum Status?" CURRENT ISSUES,  FOREIGN AFFAIRS   January 2018
"Elizabeth Blackwell- America's First Woman Doctor" PEOPLE   December 2017
"Why Social Media May Not Be So Good for Democracy" Social Media   December 2017
"Making Renewable Power More Viable for the Grid" TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIONS,  RENEWABLE ENERGY   November 2017
"What the 'Fearless Girl' Statue and Harvey Weinstein Have in Common" NULLMODERN THOUGHT   November 2017
"Kate Chopin: Early Feminist" CULTURE,  PEOPLE   October 2017
"How the Smartphone Affected an Entire Generation of Kids" TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIONS,  IMPACTS OF TECHNOLOGY   October 2017
"Venezuela's Rebels With a Cause" Current issues,  Special Report   September 2017
"Heat Waves Threaten City Dwellers, Especially Minorities and the Poor" Natural Science,  Global Warming   September 2017
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