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  Demographics Results: Iceland
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Country Iceland

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Region Northern Europe
Area (sq km) 103,000
Border (Island) Greenland Sea, North Atlantic Ocean
Population 331,918
Nationality Icelander(s)
Ethnicity Homogeneous mixed of descendants of Norse and Celts 94%, other 6%
Religion Lutheran Church of Iceland 80.7%, Reykjavik Free Church 2.4%, Roman Catholic Church 2.5%, Hafnarfjorour Free Church 1.6%, other 3.6%, unaffiliated 3%, unspecified 6.2%
Language Icelandic, English, Nordic languages, and more
Literacy 99%
Government Constitutional Republic
Capital Reykjavik
Leader President Gudni Thorlacius JOHANNESSON (since August 1, 2016) head of government: Prime Minister Sigurdur Ingi JOHANNSSON (since April 7, 2016
Currency Icelandic krona (ISK)
Independence Day Dec. 1, 1918 (became a sovereign state under the Danish Crown); June 17, 1944 (from Denmark)
National Holiday Independence Day (June 17, 1944)
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