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  Demographics Results: Iraq
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Country Iraq

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Region Middle East
Area (sq km) 438,317
Border Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey
Population 37,056,169
Nationality Iraqi(s)
Ethnicity Arab 75%-80%, Kurdish 15%-20%, Turkoman, Assyrian and other 5%
Religion Shi'a Muslim 60%-65%, Sunni Muslim 32%-37%, Christian and other 3%
Language Arabic, Kurdish, Turkmen, and more
Literacy 78%
Government Parliamentary Democracy
Capital Baghdad
Leader President Fuad Masum (since July 24, 2014); Vice Presidents Ayad Allawi (since September 9, 2014), Nuri Maliki (since September 9, 2014), Usama al-Nujayfi (since September 9, 2014); Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi (since September 8, 2014)
Currency Iraqi dinar (IQD)
Independence Day Oct. 3, 1932 (from League of Nations mandate under British administration)
National Holiday Revolution Day (July 17, 1968)--Holiday celebrated under the saddam Husayn regime. The Government of Iraq has yet to declare a new national holiday.
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