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Korea, North

Cultural Images

  Demographics Results: Korea, North
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Country Korea, North

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Region Eastern Asia
Area (sq km) 120,538
Border China, South Korea, Russia
Population 24,983,205
Nationality Korean(s)
Ethnicity Korean, some Chinese and Japanese
Religion Buddhist, Confucianist, Christian and syncretic Chondogyo (Religion of the Heavenly Way)
Language Korean
Literacy 99%
Government Communist State, One-man Dictatorship
Capital Pyongyang
Leader Kim Jong Un (since December 17, 2011); Premier Pak Pong-ju (since April 2, 2013); Vice Premiers: Vice Premiers: Choe Yong Gon (since 19 June 2014), IM Chol Ung (since 22 May 2014), KIM Tok Hun (since 30 April 2014), KIM Yong Jin (since 6 January 2012), RI Chol Man (since 13 April 2012), RI Mu Yong (since 31 May 2011), RO Tu Chol (since 3 September 2003)
Currency North Korean won (KPW)
Independence Day Aug. 15, 1945 (from Japan)
National Holiday Founding of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Sept. 9, 1948)
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