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  Crossroads Results: Venezuela
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20940   Kings of Cacao: Venezuela's Corsican Transplants  
Mark Holston
Mar’a Teresa Boulton, a Venezuelan author who heads the cinema, video, and photography division of her country''s national culture council, recalls with a laugh the story one ... Issue Date: 6 / 2000

19197   Dancing Devils: The Morality Play of Yare, Venezuela  
Edward Holland
Once a year, on Corpus Christi Day, evil runs amok in San Francisco de Yare, Venezuela: Dancing "devils" take to the streets to play out an epic struggle against the forces of ... Issue Date: 7 / 1991

17511   Protecting Venezuela  
Marie D. Price
Tomas Lugo stands before a small memorial to Maria de Ramirez. Plastic flowers are carefully entwined around the cross of the miniature chapel, which marks the site where Maria ... Issue Date: 7 / 1990

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