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  Lifestyles Results: Brazil
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28254   Brazil’s “Green Grant” to Protect Amazon Undermined  
Fabiola Ortiz
The Bolsa Verde or Green Grant program, which gives financial assistance to poor families that help preserve Brazil''s Amazon jungle, may turn out to be only a drop in the ... Issue Date: 11 / 2011

26912   Brazil: Music Education Opens Doors  
Mario Osava
"It takes us an hour and 20 minutes to get there. We have to walk, because we can''t afford the 30-minute bus ride. But the girls never miss their music classes, not even when ... Issue Date: 10 / 2009

26010   New Ice Cream Flavors Help Save Brazil's Cerrado Savannah  
Mario Osava
A chain of ice cream shops in the capital of the central Brazilian state of Goiás is not only tempting tourists with unique native fruit flavors, but is also promoting the ... Issue Date: 1 / 2008

23877   A Once Hidden People: The Yanomami of Brazil's Amazon  
Victor Englebert
No navigable rivers cross the mountainous rain-forest region of Brazil and Venezuela that the Yanomami call home. They lived in isolation from the rest of the world for, some ... Issue Date: 5 / 2004

23627   The Best Place: Curitiba, Brazil's Urban Paradise  
Mark Holston
The small information booth is festooned with red flags, T-shirts sporting the bearded face of Latin American revolutionary hero Ernesto "Che" Guevara, and stacks of left-leaning ... Issue Date: 1 / 2004

22383   City in the Wilderness: Manaus Is the Hub of Brazil's Western Amazon  
Victor Englebert
Except for its distinctive Brazilian character, Manaus, a city of 1.5 million people, could comfortably be situated anywhere in the modern world. You might never guess that you ... Issue Date: 7 / 2002

22384   Paris of the Tropics  
Victor Englebert
One has to travel the Amazon to even glimpse the mind-boggling size of the forest it traverses. Probably no one has ever known this better than those men who traveled the great ... Issue Date: 7 / 2002

15462   'Believe in Us Again': Rio de Janeiro Rebuilds Its Reputation  
Stephen Osmond
The ridiculous, eccentric beauty of Rio de Janeiro''s hills is startling on first encounter. The city sprawls and spills around the sudden mounds and abrupt, twisted shapes ... Issue Date: 9 / 1996

18259   Social Norms Among the Bakairi of Brazil  
Debra Picchi
South American Indian cultures differ in important ways from Western cultures. One way they vary concerns the nature of their social norms; another difference pertains to what ... Issue Date: 10 / 1990

17041   Marajó: Where the Amazon Meets the Sea  
Jerry Emory
Tucked in a half-degree below the equator in the Brazilian state of Para, Marajó Island forms the last obstacle between the mighty Amazon River and the blue of the Atlantic ... Issue Date: 8 / 1990

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