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  Lifestyles Results: Chile
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26972   Preserving the Kaweshkar Language  
Daniela Estrada
Sound files containing recordings of spoken Kaweshkar -- a nearly extinct indigenous language of southern Chile -- have been put together thanks to the work of ethnolinguist ... Issue Date: 11 / 2009

26420   Keeping Indigenous Languages Alive in Chile  
Daniela Estrada
"Mari, mari!" shout the excited group of twenty Chilean, Peruvian and Ecuadorean 3- and 4-year-olds, using the Mapuche language greeting to welcome a visitor to their ... Issue Date: 10 / 2008

14245   A Stoic Heart: Isolation and Hardship Forge Chilean Character  
Kate Mahoney and Mike Maturo
Our last guests to arrive resembled Chile''s billboard models and soap opera stars, people who bear little resemblance to most Chileans. Their lankiness fit awkwardly into ... Issue Date: 8 / 1996

13721   Sacred Habitat: Chile's Monkey Puzzle Forests  
Edward Parker; written by Anna Lewington
The monkey puzzle tree is a familiar feature of the British urban landscape. Araucaria araucana''s primeval shape, peculiar drooping branches, and tight whorls of tough, ... Issue Date: 5 / 1995

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