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  Lifestyles Results: Cuba
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23159   Socialist Paradise Lost: Cuba's Failing 'Special Period in a Time of Peace'  
Alexandra Aguilar
Evening falls softly upon Havana. Mar’a del Angel leans against the balustrade of the third-floor balcony of her apartment building. She points out the Havana Libre Hotel, a ... Issue Date: 7 / 2003

23160   Finding Something to Wear  
Pristine white robes flutter against the amber skin of Afro-Cuban women. Sparkling spandex packs generous curves, and satin prom dresses embellish Havana''s diminutive ... Issue Date: 7 / 2003

23161   Beneath an Iron Fist  
On March 18, the repressive character of Castro''s regime was in full evidence. Reports surfaced that as many as ninety so-called dissidents had been arrested. The news barely ... Issue Date: 7 / 2003

22179   A Visual Legacy: Art Reflects Life in Cuba  
Pennelope Goodfriend
Arts and crafts, exempt from the U.S. trade embargo, are an important source of tourism revenue in the Cuban economy as well as a record of daily life during an era of momentous ... Issue Date: 4 / 2002

21684   Cuba's 'Music City': Wellsping of an Island's Culture  
Mark Holston
There is a long-held presumption that adversity is an essential factor in the evolution of profound and lasting art. The belief finds a compelling example in the island nation of ... Issue Date: 1 / 2002

14009   Start With a Dream: Rebuilding Havana's Chinese Community  
Bill Strubbe and Karen Wald
After decades of slow demise, Cuba''s Chinese community and Havana''s Chinese barrio are experiancing a cultural renaissance. The most visible signs are found in a burgeoning ... Issue Date: 9 / 1995

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