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  Architecture Results: United States
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11229   Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk: Rebirth of the Community  
Cynthia Grenier
Working together out of Miami since founding their firm, DPZ Architects, in 1980, architects Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk have designed over forty new towns. Although ... Issue Date: 9 / 1993

20529   Florida's Colorful New Modernists  
Marcus Binney
Bernardo Fort-Brescia is riding a roller coaster of success. In just ten years he and his wife, Laurinda, have become two of the most popular and prolific young architects in ... Issue Date: 11 / 1992

20597   Antoine Predock: America's 'Outlaw' Architect  
Cynthis Grenier
There is a certain irony in Antoine Predock--an American architect proud that his basic approach to design is site-specific (i.e., expressing spirit of place)--getting the ... Issue Date: 10 / 1992

20665   San Francisco's Spirited Modernism  
Diana Ketcham
San Francisco has never been a city that welcomed Modern architecture. Neither the pioneers of Modernism in the early twentieth century nor the Mies-influenced American ... Issue Date: 9 / 1992

19950   Louis Kahn: The 'Sensuous Search'  
Judith Bell Turner-Yamamoto
All material in nature, the mountains and the streams and the air and we, are made of light which has been spent, and this crumpled mass called material casts a shadow, and the ... Issue Date: 8 / 1992

20456   Post-Walt Disney Wonders  
Marcus Binney
Disney has made a name around the world for make-believe architecture. Now just outside of Orlando, Florida, it is into the real thing. Over the last seven years, some of the ... Issue Date: 5 / 1992

19875   Eric Owen Moss: Reshaping Architecture's Language  
Judith Bell Turner-Yamamoto
Los Angeles-based architect Eric Owen Moss, forty-eight, is tired of being known as an enfant terrible, a title that has stuck from the early years of his career when he admits ... Issue Date: 4 / 1992

20163   Prisons With a Human Face  
Shira Rosan
Amid a general construction industry slowdown, one area that has not lost the momentum it picked up in the 1980s is the construction of correctional facilities. The National ... Issue Date: 1 / 1992

19516   Gwathmey Siegel's Instant Icons  
Shira Rosan
When New York City''s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum reopens this spring, it will have been seven years since the start of a major addition and renovation project, and eleven years ... Issue Date: 11 / 1991

19289   Miami Time Machine  
Skip Kaltenheuser
It is one of those peculiar places that doesn''t seem like it belongs in America, yet on reflection could probably exist nowhere else. The Art Deco Historic District in Miami can ... Issue Date: 6 / 1991

19810   I.M. Pei: Master Architect  
Shira Rosan
In more than four decades of architectural practice, I.M. Pei has done it all: the impossible (an addition to the Louvre), the enormous (Hong Kong''s Bank of China Tower), the ... Issue Date: 5 / 1991

19031   Big-time Architecture in a Small Town  
Karen S. Chambers
"There was no magnificent obsession. There was no group of people that said that one day in 1990 Columbus, Indiana, is going to be ranked fourth in the nation for contemporary ... Issue Date: 1 / 1991

18231   Architecture for the Nineties  
Shira Rosan
As 1990s edge us into the twenty-first century, architecture in America is an art in transition. Stylistically, technologically, and organizationally the next steps for ... Issue Date: 10 / 1990

17487   Robert Venturi Goes for Messy Vitality  
Shira Rosan
Architecture has gone through vast changes in the past quarter century, and the direction it will take as we inch up to the new millennium is not clear. Post-modernism and ... Issue Date: 7 / 1990

17641   American Architects: The American Revenge  
Kenneth Powell
American architects are "threatening London with a rash of quite unsuitable buildings. The revenge of the once rebellious colonies is to undermine our historic capital," Lord St. ... Issue Date: 6 / 1990

17952   Fay Jones: Gold Medal Architect  
Allen Freeman
Selection of Fay Jones of Arkansas for the American Institute of Architect''s Gold Medal follows by one year the selection of Joseph Esherick of San Francisco for the same honor. ... Issue Date: 5 / 1990

16254   Julia Morgan: Citizen Hearst's Architect  
Sara Holmes Boutelle
The current period of change in the arts is leading many critics to reevaluate the work of architects who were largely ignored during the height of modernism. A prime example is ... Issue Date: 3 / 1989

14825   Southern California Triumphant: The Architecture of Frank Gehry  
Shira Rosan
The architecture of Frank Gehry is the architecture of possibility. Created and nurtured in Southern California, America''s Golden West where the sun never sets and everyone ... Issue Date: 10 / 1988

14949   Art and Architecture: Synergy in Action  
Sandy Heck
Architecture, as they say is - or traditionally has been - "the mother of the arts." To name but three among her most gifted children: pedimental sculpture from the Parthenon, ... Issue Date: 9 / 1988

14475   Soho South: New Identity for New Orleans' Warehouse District  
Stephen Henkin
Long celebrated as the home of jazz, Creole cooking, and French-influenced architecture, New Orleans is finally developing a new image for itself. The Warehouse District, ... Issue Date: 3 / 1988

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