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  Art Results: United States
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23896   'ReImagine the World': The Photography of Andrea Baldeck  
Stephen Henkin
When asked why she shoots in black and white when color surrounds us, photographer Andrea Baldeck replies: "Color is seductive and we are drawn to its richness and variety, so ... Issue Date: 6 / 2004

23913   Harvey: Walking in Beauty  
Stephen Goode
The elegantly restrained sculptures and paintings of young Navajo artist Sheldon Harvey bring new life to his people''s spiritual traditions, yet speak powerfully to the ... Issue Date: 6 / 2004

23759   Gifford: Lucent Dreams  
Judith Bell Turner-Yamamoto
"Atmosphere," wrote Asher B. Durand, who along with Thomas Cole constituted the first generation of nineteenth-century American landscape painters, "is felt in the foreground, ... Issue Date: 3 / 2004

23666   Bearden: Civil Rights Activist and Artist  
Ruth Fine
(Editor''s Note: The following is taken from a National Gallery of Art brochure accompanying the exhibition The Art of Romare Bearden. Organized by the National Gallery of Art ... Issue Date: 2 / 2004

22716   Catlin and the Indians  
Stephen Goode
George Catlin visited American Indian tribes of the Great Plains during the 1830s to capture in paint images of the people and their way of life before it was too late. Now ... Issue Date: 12 / 2002

22338   America Envisioned: Epic Landscapes of a New World  
Herb Greer
An exhibition of masterworks of nineteenth-century American landscape painting explores how artists who pioneered America''s first great school of art looked to the ... Issue Date: 6 / 2002

22158   Jacob Lawrence: Stories of the Soul  
Janice L. Kaplan and Susan Osmond
Jacob Lawrence is best remembered for his epic Migration series, which catapulted him to national attention at the age of twenty-four, but a retrospective shows his ... Issue Date: 2 / 2002

21594   Eakins: Shunned Innovator  
Judith Bell Turner-Yamamoto
Though marginalized by prudish conventions, Eakins stood by his frank depictions of human beings and their inner worlds. A new exhibit occasions a fresh look at his work and ... Issue Date: 10 / 2001

21642   Grandma Moses: The Legacy  
Judith Bell Turner-Yamamoto
In 1940 American artists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning were struggling to redefine the abstract genius of Picasso for a new generation and to finally liberate ... Issue Date: 9 / 2001

21092   Blake: Frozen Fire, The Visionary World  
Herb Greer
Though derided as a madman in his own time--and even in ours-- William Blake developed a singular vision of the world, truth, and eternity that fascinates viewers the world ... Issue Date: 4 / 2001

19239   Reinventing Nashville  
Barry McCloud
Seeking to return to its versatile origins as the "Athens of the South," Nashville is pulling out all the stops to get away from its image as being just a one-horse, ... Issue Date: 12 / 2000

20983   Fred diFrenzi: Casting Images  
Casting Images For glass artist Fred diFrenzi, the versatile medium holds not only "myriad two-dimensional and three-dimensional possibilities," ... Issue Date: 7 / 2000

20854   Optical Oasis: Tucson's Center for Creative Photography  
Eric P. Olsen
Taking full advantage of the Arizona desert''s unrelenting light, one of the nation''s leading photographic institutions has become a wellspring of innovative new ... Issue Date: 5 / 2000

21074   Rockwell Revisited  
Stephen May
A touring exhibition explores Norman Rockwell''s role as national icon-maker and storyteller while it fires discussion as to whether he was a fine artist or "merely" an able ... Issue Date: 2 / 2000

18081   Edward Hicks: The Peaceable Kingdoms  
Stephen May
The itinerant artist and Quaker minister Edward Hicks is best known for his depictions of the Peaceable Kingdom foretold in the Bible--but beneath their serene surfaces, ... Issue Date: 12 / 1999

18563   Cassatt: Genteel Powerhouse  
Stephen May
An exhibition shows that the American Impressionist''s telling images of women and children reveal a progressive outlook that reflected new attitudes about women, childhood, ... Issue Date: 3 / 1999

18314   Sargent's Exuberant Artistry  
Herb Greer
Fashionable critics may rail that John Singer Sargent rejected the avant-garde to become a high-society portraitist, but a touring exhibition shows he was a complex and ... Issue Date: 1 / 1999

17292   Rothko: Emotion in the Abstract  
Stephen May
For Mark Rothko, a central figure in the Abstract Expressionist movement that dominated world art in the decades following World War II, painting was all about emotion ... Issue Date: 7 / 1998

17324   Calder's Cosmos: More Than Mobiles  
Ernest Griess
Of all modern artists, Alexander Calder remains one of the hardest to get a fix on. Say what? Calder is everywhere--his mobiles and stabiles are in innumerable public and private ... Issue Date: 6 / 1998

17582   Ratner: In Love With the Bible  
Daniella Ashkenazy and Susan Osmond
For the past thirteen years, Ratner has devoted himself to creating artwork based on narratives from the Bible, and has founded a museum in Israel and now one in the United ... Issue Date: 5 / 1998

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