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  Craft & Design Results: United States
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17208   Alexey Brodovitch: Modern Master of Magazine Design  
Eric Gibson
Near the beginning of Andy Grundberg''s monograph on the late Alexey Brodovitch the author observes, "He was successful in attracting attention to the page without attracting ... Issue Date: 2 / 1990

17359   Tiffany: Master Lamp Maker  
Alice Thorson
Since its invention at the turn of the century, perhaps no home fixture has enjoyed greater popularity than the famous Tiffany lamp, archetypally a glowing, jewel-like cascade of ... Issue Date: 1 / 1990

16381   Ginny Ruffner: Provocative Glass Sculptor  
Bonnie J. Miller
For people familiar with the glass arts, the name Ginny Ruffner connotes bold lampwork sculptures with provocative titles like Unified Playing Field Theory, Driving Across the ... Issue Date: 5 / 1989

15580   Mary Shaffer: Transforming Glass Into High Art  
Karen Chambers
"What if?" could be Mary Shaffer''s motto. In an artistic career that spans nearly twenty years, Shaffer has always experimented, expressing her curiosity through the medium of ... Issue Date: 2 / 1989

14819   Clay Revisions: The Messy, the Rough, and the Accidental  
Susan Biskeborn
Clay Revisions: Plate, Cup, Vase, a national traveling show of seventy ceramic works by twenty-six contemporary craftsmen, deepens the debate currently raging over art versus ... Issue Date: 10 / 1988

14354   Ed Rossbach: Practicing the World's Oldest Craft  
Cheryl White
Basketry is possibly the oldest craft still in existence. Although basket-making is among the most ephemeral of textile arts, some have endured even into modern times. Originally ... Issue Date: 6 / 1988

13060   Dale Chihuly: The Man Who Made Glassblowing a Fine Art  
Karen S. Chambers
It is just after daybreak at the Pilchuck Glass School fifty miles north of Seattle. In the middle of a tree farm, the school overlooks the Skagit Valley and Puget Sound, a ... Issue Date: 11 / 1987

13215   Jerry Williams Carter: Reinterpreting the Art of Mosaic  
Jennifer Gibson
In the unlikely, unromantic setting of suburban Silver Spring, Maryland, Jerry Williams Carter carries on a tradition begun many centuries ago, the art of mosaic. He has ... Issue Date: 10 / 1987

12915   Sugarloaf Craft Festivals: The Making of a Craft Festival  
Deann Verdier
Having grown up and lived in the suburbs of Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C., my husband George and I considered an obvious location for our annual Sugarloaf Craft ... Issue Date: 5 / 1987

12167   Craft Today: The Poetry of the Physical  
Karen S. Chambers
Craft Today: The Poetry of the Physical at the American Craft Museum in New York is a blockbuster exhibition in every sense of the word. It is mammoth: more than 300 objects by ... Issue Date: 2 / 1987

12288   Kaye Housel: Silhouette Artist  
Rose Marasco
They have been called many names - black profiles, shades, scissargraphs, sissartypes, papyrolomias, and finally, as we have come to know them, silhouettes. An enduring ... Issue Date: 1 / 1987

11471   Connie Brauer: Painted Jewels  
Ettagale Blauer
Artists who bring their visions into reality through the medium of jewelry continue a tradition that can be traced back to earliest recorded history. Enameling is one of the ... Issue Date: 10 / 1986

10956   American Art Nouveau Shades  
Darrah L. Roberts
When the influence of Art Nouveau arrived in the United States from Europe late in the nineteenth century, it just happened to coincide with the electrification of the major ... Issue Date: 6 / 1986

11095   The Howard Brothers Circus: The World's Greatest Little Show  
Laura Hjerpe
Struck by the urge to escape for an hour or so? Preferably to another time or place? The Howard Brothers Circus, which is on display through June at the National Geographic ... Issue Date: 3 / 1986

10662   Windy Meadows Pottery: Home for the Imagination  
Anne Smart
"Eyes light up when people first see the houses; yours did," Jan Richardson said as she gave me a tour of Windy Meadows Pottery, her ceramic enterprise near Frederick, Maryland. ... Issue Date: 1 / 1986

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