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  Music Results: United States
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18509   Yo-Yo Ma, Bach, and the Unaccompanied Cello  
Philip Kennicott
In the list of things Johann Sebastian Bach could never have imagined, a lone cellist playing his Suites for Unaccompanied Cello in the cavernous expanse of Carnegie Hall must be ... Issue Date: 4 / 1991

19726   New York: Opera's Second City  
Lawrence O'Toole
Comparisons may be odious, but they are often quite useful. Take, for example, the case of opera in this country. One of the most erroneous assumptions made by the general ... Issue Date: 3 / 1991

19733   Alan Hovhaness Makes the Right Connections  
Richard Kostelanetz
A sacred art, a pathway of life through a living universe, merging East and West, heaven and earth, addressed not to the snobbish few but to all people as an inspiration in their ... Issue Date: 3 / 1991

18221   West Coast Baroque  
Philip Kennicott
The early music movement has been so fashionable of late that one might think it was a recent invention. Not true. If the current generation of harpsichordists, viol players, ... Issue Date: 10 / 1990

16998   Hal Prince Does Faust  
Philip Kennicott
During the 1890s the Metropolitan Opera house was scornfully dubbed the "Faustspielhaus" because of the inordinate frequency with which it features Gounod''s Faust. Now, a ... Issue Date: 8 / 1990

17632   The Sovereign Juilliard Quartet  
Tom Pniewski
In composing his sixteen string quartets, Beethoven flung down a challenge to the musical world of his own and every succeeding age. Scaling these artistic Everests requires ... Issue Date: 6 / 1990

17945   San Francisco Opera: The Last Truly Civilized Opera  
Lawrence O'Toole
San Francisco''s War Memorial Opera House is one of the most beautiful in the country, because of its simplicity and deceptive size: It has the grandeur of a traditional opera ... Issue Date: 5 / 1990

16889   Not Your Ordinary Symphony  
Lawrence O'Toole
The tenth annual New Music America series, where the audience is urged to expect nothing but the unexpected, opened in November at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (and various ... Issue Date: 4 / 1990

16896   Dark Angels of the Sax  
Francis Davis
"Charlie Parker looked like Buddha," Jack Kerouac declared in a poem about the alto saxophonist who was the single most important figure in the gestation of modern jazz. The beat ... Issue Date: 4 / 1990

17198   Triumph and Travesty at the Met  
Lawrence O'Toole
When all the elements are right, and everything fits into place, nothing can quite touch opera for visceral, emotional, and aesthetic impact. This is a rare occasion, but it has ... Issue Date: 2 / 1990

17201   Reviewing Our Musical Heritage  
Tom Pniewski
American music was "colonial" for a long time after the colonies won political independence from Britain. Up until the First World War, Americans who were serious about their ... Issue Date: 2 / 1990

17357   The Value of New American Music  
Samuel Lipman
The American Composers Orchestra represents a valiant attempt by composers of symphonic music to take the future of their work into their own hands. Founded in 1977, the ACO is ... Issue Date: 1 / 1990

17366   Crescent Moon Over Cleveland  
Philip Kennicott
Cleveland is striving heavily for an urban renaissance. Hotels are being built and a convention center is vying for the sphere change of the usual business transients. Like many ... Issue Date: 1 / 1990

17392   African Contributions to America's Musical Heritage  
David Evans
In recent times, African history and culture have become increasingly important, especially to Americans. This is visible in efforts by some black leaders to foster the adoption ... Issue Date: 1 / 1990

16504   Discovering Unknown Masters  
Robert R. Reilly
Thanks to the Louisville Orchestra and its First Edition Series, through the aid of Albany Records, a wealth of exciting, very American music is being made available on compact ... Issue Date: 11 / 1989

16743   Nicolas Slonimsky: Musical Genius  
Richard Kostelanetz
At a music conference in Sweden about a year ago, the distinguished Argentine-German composer Mauricio Kagel, in the midst of talking about something else, asked, "Have you seen ... Issue Date: 9 / 1989

15209   Brubeck Talks  
Tom Pniewski
Probably no other single musician has been as influential in the development of contemporary jazz as Dave Brubeck. A composer and pianist of wide-ranging interests and ... Issue Date: 8 / 1989

15213   BAM's Magnificent Maiden Effort  
Lawrence O' Toole
It is extremely gratifying, in an age when opera directors are wont to impose their own egos and neuroses on the works of composers, to see and hear a production that allows an ... Issue Date: 8 / 1989

16109   Met Offers Big Bang  
Peter Lawrence
Ground was broken for the new Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center in 1962, and the house itself opened in 1966, at a cost of $46 million, with a disastrous production of Samuel ... Issue Date: 6 / 1989

16110   Celebrating 'The Scene'  
Christopher Manion
Washington, D.C.--our nation''s capital, and so much more--presents an entertaining paradox to the musical world. On the one hand, its cultural focus is the John F. Kennedy ... Issue Date: 6 / 1989

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