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  Music Results: United States
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16185   Grocery Line Typecasting  
Elyse Levine
While waiting in line at the supermarket cash register, take a look at the contents of other shoppers'' shopping carts: The foods we select can tell a story about us--where we ... Issue Date: 6 / 1989

16375   P.D.Q. Bach's Alter Ego  
Richard Kostelanetz
[Saul] Steinberg''s role automatically disguises itself, and his performance continues to prompt people to ask, "But is he really an artist?"--the question by which each ... Issue Date: 5 / 1989

15096   Rock Gospel: Spreading God's Word  
Deborah Evans Price
Rock ''n'' roll created quite a stir when it burst on the general American music scene in the 1950s. More than thirty years later it continues to generate controversy, making ... Issue Date: 4 / 1989

15592   Kronos: This Is a String Quartet?  
Anthony Kenny
When the four musicians arrive on the stage of Princeton''s Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall it looks more like the beginning of a fashion show than of an evening of ... Issue Date: 2 / 1989

15747   Phillip Glass' 1000 Airplanes Takes Off  
Lawrence O'Toole
Listen. A new ninety-minute collaborative musical theater piece called 1000 Airplanes on the Roof is touring the country, having had its American premiere at ... Issue Date: 1 / 1989

13786   Revolutionary—and Conservative: The Mighty CD  
Todd Culbertson
Roll over, Chuck Berry. Beethoven and Toscanini are here to stay. Records, tapes, and compact discs will see to that. Rockers are not the only people with a taste for golden ... Issue Date: 12 / 1988

14659   Mozart at the Trump Tower  
Lawrence O'Toole
During the past three summers at Pepsico''s Summerfare Festival in Purchase, New York, wunderkind director Peter Sellars has taken great pains to make Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ... Issue Date: 11 / 1988

14959   Philip Glass and Richard Foreman Do Up Poe: Return to the House of Usher  
Anthony Kenny
Edgar Allan Poe''s nightmare of dread, The Fall of the House of Usher, has continually inspired visual artists and musicians alike. No less than five film versions exist, the ... Issue Date: 9 / 1988

14961   Chamber Music--Concert-Hall Style: Ashkenazy and Harrell Elevate the Intimate  
David H. Ehrlich
When a pair of internationally renowned soloists like pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy and cellist Lynn Harrell work up a program of chamber music and take it on the road, as they did ... Issue Date: 9 / 1988

14579   Resurrecting the Baroque Sound: A Majestic Old Timbre for New Instruments  
Adri de Groot
When the Industrial Revolution eventually reached the centuries-old and virtually unchanged craft of organ building, something terrible happened. The majority of new organs ... Issue Date: 5 / 1988

13540   Quandaries of the CD Owner: The Terrors of Technology  
Todd Culbertson
Technology creates dilemmas. Guests tell Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey what they think about test tube babies and artificial hearts. Sometimes, though, technological dilemmas ... Issue Date: 4 / 1988

14090   Nixon in China: A Postmodernist Exercise  
Kenneth LaFave
The world premiere of Nixon in China last October in Houston was the focus of extraordinary press attention and public interest. More than fifty critics were there from around ... Issue Date: 1 / 1988

13389   Baroque Opera Recreated, An Adventure  
Tom Pniewski
The Baroque era - roughly the years from 1600 to 1750 - was an astonishingly dynamic period in Western cultural history. In art, science, and politics, the achievements of ... Issue Date: 9 / 1987

11837   Wendy Carlos Computer-Generates New Sounds and Scales: Scintillating Synthesizers  
Lou Fournier
I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it. - Vincent van Gogh Her voice shares many of the characteristics of her music: soft, but with ... Issue Date: 8 / 1987

12579   Troyanos Talks: World-Class Prima Donna Discusses Opera  
Gregory Speck
Through the medium of television, the once esoteric and rarified world of grand opera has been lifted out of the exclusive realm of moneyed society and brought into the living ... Issue Date: 6 / 1987

12581   Rudolf and Peter Serkin: Masters of Past and Present  
Tom Pniewski
The Serkins, Rudolf and Peter, pianist father and pianist son, constitute something special in the music world today. Since their technical proficiency has been demonstrated time ... Issue Date: 6 / 1987

12717   Perils of Crossover: New Recordings of Old Musicals Are a Mixed Blessing  
Kenneth LaFave
Will American musical theater withstand the decades of devotion and distortion that await it? That is the question raised by the release, over the past two years, of several new ... Issue Date: 3 / 1987

12172   Bluegrass--A Distinctly American Brand of Music  
Richard Spottswood
It is difficult to determine whether bluegrass is something relatively new or simply a modern extension of the music made in southern rural America during the last three ... Issue Date: 2 / 1987

12174   Philip Glass in Concert: Much Ado About Nothing  
Emerson Randolph
The currently noted composer Philip Glass brought his performance troupe, the Philip Glass Ensemble, to Lincoln Center''s Avery Fisher Hall last November to present the New York ... Issue Date: 2 / 1987

12287   Duke Ellington: The Sacred Concerts  
Tom Pniewski
This music is the most important thing I''ve ever done or am likely to do. This is personal, not career. Now I can say out loud to all the world what I''ve been saying to myself ... Issue Date: 1 / 1987

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