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27259 Aerospace, Bioethics Programs Burnish Tuskegee's Luster  
Ted Landphair
In 1881, a 25-year-old former slave from Virginia used a $2,000 gift to open a one-room teacher-training school in one of the poorest rural counties in the southern state of ... Issue Date: 4 / 2010

27080 Peace Corps' Rising Popularity  
Karen Goldberg Goff
The Peace Corps, the volunteer program that emerged from President Kennedy''s New Frontier in 1961 to promote international development and good will, is seeing a record number ... Issue Date: 1 / 2010

27084 Community Gardens Bear Many Fruits  
Rachel Abrams
Backers of urban community gardens say they encourage self-reliance, beautify neighborhoods, and conserve green space in the middle of a city. "It shows people that you can ... Issue Date: 1 / 2010

27016 Cherokee Language Preservation  
Susan Logue
Six young children -- four girls and two boys -- sit on the floor looking up at their teacher seated in a chair. An older woman with streaks of gray in the long, straight hair ... Issue Date: 12 / 2009

27019 Hand Talk: Forgotten Films Document Native American Sign Language  
Bill Dockery
Dressed out in an elaborate feathered headdress, Tom White Horse sits in a tipi, gesturing broadly. The black-and-white image flickers like an old-time movie as the Arapahoe ... Issue Date: 12 / 2009

25873 Understanding Human Resilience  
Adelheid Fischer
Comeback Stories: Understanding Human Resilience For people living in many of the small towns sprinkled across the American heartland, hope is the kind of four-letter ... Issue Date: 11 / 2007

25819 The Indian Club, Part I  
James C. McGowan
Only twenty-two years after the massacre at Wounded Knee, a small band of warriors arrived at West Point to battle the Army. They came from tribes across the country, and were ... Issue Date: 10 / 2007

25821 The Indian Club, Part II  
James C. McGowan
(Continued from Part I) Warner had devised an ingenious plan to use the school’s “outing system” to keep his players under control, to keep them in shape, and to earn a few ... Issue Date: 10 / 2007

25854 The Pitch to Recruit Blacks  
Tim Lemke
In the eyes of baseball Commissioner Allan H. "Bud" Selig, the sport he oversees is in a golden era. Attendance at major league games is at an all-time high, TV and Internet ... Issue Date: 10 / 2007

25202 Bay Buccaneers: Uncovering the Real History of Pirates  
Gabriella Boston
The Pirates of the Caribbean''s Jack Sparrow was here. Well, not literally, but Jack Sparrow-type characters were not just part of the Caribbean landscape. They ... Issue Date: 10 / 2006

24791 To The Shores of Tripoli: America's First Overseas Conflict  
Dave Bartruff
No sooner had Thomas Jefferson taken his oath as the third president of the United States than he was confronted by the first declaration of war by a foreign power against the ... Issue Date: 1 / 2006

24307 National Museum of the American Indian: Where Culture, History, and Issues Come Alive  
Cynthia Grenier
The first new museum on the National Mall in seventeen years opened its doors in September 2004 with rather unusual fanfare involving some five thousand members of the various ... Issue Date: 3 / 2005

23511 A People of Faith  
Armenia was the first Christian nation in the world, and its culture is a bastion of Christian identity. Armenians consider themselves descendants of Noah, the survivor of the ... Issue Date: 12 / 2003

22623 Father of International Law  
Eric P. Olsen
Spanish conquest of much of the New World during the sixteenth century brought untold wealth into the empire but unspeakable suffering to indigenous peoples of the Americas. ... Issue Date: 10 / 2002

22010 Girls Kick: Women's Soccer Earns a Unique Place in Sport  
John Haydon
In 1991 the U.S. women's soccer team won the FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations) Women's World Championship, defeating Norway 2--1 before sixty ... Issue Date: 3 / 2002

21179 Realize the Divine: Hippie Hasidism in New York  
Rachel Buchman
The Carlebach shul rocks. Literally. On this blustery Friday night on the swank Upper West Side, New York City''s grayish version of foliage appears to dance every time the ... Issue Date: 8 / 2001

21180 Song and Spirit  
Traditional Hasidism advocates following the Halakah (religious law) but believes that it is not enough to simply perform the task. Adherence must be performed with kevannah ... Issue Date: 8 / 2001

22111 The Zero-Year Curse: Might Tragedy Befall the President?  
William S. Connery
Chief Tecumseh cursed William Henry Harrison before he took presidential office. Does the curse still linger? On February 7, a former IRS agent was found just outside the ... Issue Date: 6 / 2001

20738 Homecoming: Retracing My Welsh Roots  
Jane H. Halpert
Dave was showing me the sitting room, first the blue parakeet and then the statues around the fireplace. "Just look at him, girl," he said, picking up a heavy china lion and ... Issue Date: 9 / 2000

20950 Strong Roots: Horseradish Farming in Collinsville, Illinois  
Dan Marshall
"You forget the difference between fresh and the stuff in a jar," explained Lisa Petrie, chairwoman of the International Horseradish Festival in Collinsville, Illinois. "It opens ... Issue Date: 6 / 2000

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