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15088 'Out of Place'  
Diana Woodcock
Appalachian Pearls In springs in Sherando, On the bank of the rugged James River Gorge, In Bluff City, Greene County, Along the Potomac River Are wonders of nature, ... Issue Date: 3 / 1996

11675 Clues to Our Existence  
Anne Barney
Music of the Spheres The planets, in their elliptical orbits, perform a ballet, of proportions universal and delicate. Across the expanse, hangs a gossamer ... Issue Date: 2 / 1994

18504 The Fifties, Gaia, and the Pumpkin Woman  
Linda L. Holt
24 Hrs./NYC/1957 First I smelled toast, then I thought of Arlene Francis. Back home, we ate cold cereal and listened to the TV set in the next room. Here, they ... Issue Date: 4 / 1991

18904 All That Life Is  
David Sumner
Shelter Last night a swallow built a nest inside my mouth. I will leave it undisturbed and breath through my nose. The bird will not hurt me, ... Issue Date: 2 / 1991

17950 Spring, Summer, and a World of Night  
Martin Galvin
Summer Wind The way the wind comes up before a rain in any woods at all, you have a rain before the rain. The way the wind shivers the leaves and branches into ... Issue Date: 5 / 1990

15385 Our Ritual Distance  
Jean Emerson
The Grandmother Books I am driven into this small corner of my life Forced to steal these thin morning hours I listen to the warm purr of the refrigerator And unfold ... Issue Date: 12 / 1989

14663 Winter Thoughts  
Vernon Scannell and Rudolph Schirmer
Perimeter Guard His second two-hour duty: the wind Is now stropped to such Fine and steely sharpness that It might slice off a shriveled lobe or finger. The ... Issue Date: 11 / 1988

12027 Make a World: A Bulwark Against Despair  
William Bronk
Winter Vocative Broken sky-mirror, blue-shadowed snow, June is far now, hold while you can; show bare of branch stark of stalk: ache us to know. ... Issue Date: 12 / 1987

12568 Shadow on Fire: From Wild Gratitude  
Edward Hirsch
Dawn Walk Some nights when you''re asleep Deep under the covers, far away, Slowly curling yourself back Into a childhood no one Living will ever ... Issue Date: 6 / 1987

12896 Why Stay Home, With New Worlds Everywhere?  
Reney Myers
Blue Heron Calm evening and the watery plain; before him, the majestic sky darkens, descends, is still. And I perceive him fly through his domain his ... Issue Date: 5 / 1987

12704 The Mending Word  
Davea E. Faust
Good rhyme has a resounding impact; pray Forgive the pun. Something there is that needs To make words on their haunches stand and stay. Through fiery hoops spring, ... Issue Date: 3 / 1987

11470 Circle of Stone and the Spoken Word  
Terry Wooten, Taelen Thomas, Ray Nargis, Anne-Marie Oomen
Stone Circle In northern Wisconsin and Minnesota the Sioux and the Chippewa still don''t get along with each other, though they both treat rocks with ... Issue Date: 10 / 1986

10135 Of a Woman's Heart  
Andrea Holland
Newest Gem Oh funny duchess; dearest inner me… You/I, the silliest immorality box: See how like soft, fine lesions are his kisses, one or two still here ... Issue Date: 8 / 1986

10819 Memory, Love, and Personals  
Louis Simpson
With Memory. And With Love. I dressed, put my boots on painfully, and wrote myself a pass. At the gate the guard gave me a look, then he smiled, ... Issue Date: 7 / 1986

10957 Poetry in Process  
Odine Kleiner, Emerson Randolph, and George Kovacs
Building a Rainbow The puddle at my feet grew with every raindrop I saw the trees beneath Me falling the clouds smoking gray and a rainbow bursting ... Issue Date: 6 / 1986

11088 Water, Fire, and the Gods  
Antonio de Nicolas
The Rose in the Eye The rose in the eye is as distant from the soul as the sunset from the dawn, as is the rose the poet uses to rhyme or the rose lovers ... Issue Date: 3 / 1986

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