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The lands of Islam can be beautiful and breathtaking, startling and sensual. These articles provide you with an itinerary of a sampling of the Muslim world. They take you from teeming marketplaces in Egypt and Morocco, to a retracing of the ancient footsteps of Xenophon in Asia Minor, to a roller-coaster of a camel ride in Oman, to the rich sights and sounds and tastes of Dubai and Tunisia, to the historical footprints left by Muslims in Spain's now-Roman Catholic region of Andalusia.
Neither Asia nor Minor
Alleyways of the Medina: Morocco's Mystic Labyrinths
From al-Andalus to Andalucia
Ancient Khan al-Khalili: Cairo's Historic Market
The Treasures of Oman: Tourism From Desert to Sea
  The Religion of the Qur'an

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