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 offers a selection of rich resources ideal for exploring the world and the written word. Tour the globe with our Travel and Peoples of the World collections, or delve into our robust Book Reviews section to keep up to date on the latest quality releases. And donít forget to visit our other collections, including our extensive Biographies section, where you can learn about the men and women who have shaped the world in which we live.
  Peers into the roots and psyche of exotic cultures around the world through more than a hundred folktales, all beautifully illustrated. Folktales warn against unwise conduct and affirm good qualities, thereby helping to cultivate individual and communal behavior.       Profiles the lives and works of novelists, poets, and playwrights from any culture and age. Each author faces unique challenges, both artistic and personal, and the story of how he or she meets those challenges enriches our understanding of literature Ė and life.     Takes a good look at the virtues and vices of this virtual fourth branch of government, which has both served the people by promoting truth and the public good, and often forsaken its ethics in favor of sensationalism and political correctness.
  Sharpen your critical thinking skills by examining opposing views on the issues that matter. This is a great collection for stimulating classroom discussion.
  Lets the armchair traveler satisfy his wanderlust through savory accounts of treks up Adamís Peak in Sri Lanka, safaris through Kenya, tours of the finest castles of Europe, and more.   Captures the color, emotion, and exhilaration of special moments celebrated in cultures around the world through singing, dancing, storytelling, or joining in parades, games, or gift giving.
  Introduces the real people of various countries of the world in the context of their own values and perceptions, based on their unique traditions and environments.
  Reveals the personal and cultural perspectives of poets from ancient China to the modern world.   Explores developments of the past 1,000 years that expanded our minds and material life.

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