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THE WORLD & I is intended primarily for a thoughtful, educated audience. We accept articles from journalists but also place special emphasis on scholarly contributions. It is our hope that the magazine will enable the best of contemporary thought, presented in accessible language, to reach a wider audience than would normally be possible through the academic journals appropriate to any given discipline.
Below is a list of guidelines pertaining to all writers submitting manuscripts to THE WORLD & I.

One-Page Proposal
* All initial inquiries should be a one-page typewritten proposal that outlines the idea and is addressed to the appropriate editor and/or section (see magazine masthead). Completed articles will be considered on speculation only. (Please do not send photographic images with uncommissioned articles or proposals or attach images to an unsolicited submission. We are not responsible for unsolicited images.) If your proposal is accepted, please adhere to the following guidelines.

* Please submit the article on a 3.5'' disk or E-mail to your editor or to: In addition, please send in a double-spaced manuscript.
* If you don't have access to a computer or E-mail, please send us a clean, double-spaced manuscript on white, standard 8.5'' by 11'' paper of normal weight (i.e., not ``onion skin'' paper).
* We do not accept manuscripts printed on dotmatrix printers lower than 24 pin or from typewriters that do not type legibly.
* Information for sidebars should not be included in the body of the text but should be in a separate manuscript, clearly identified.
* The manuscript should be headed by a short literary title and should include short subheadings at appropriate intervals (preferably every 1.5 pages). (Exception: The ``Nature Walk'' feature of the Natural Science section does not require subheadings.)
* Please include a bibliography or an additional reading list when appropriate.
* Footnotes, where needed, should follow Style A (also called the Humanities Style) in the Chicago Manual of Style (see section 17 of the 13th Edition or section 15 of the 14th Edition).

* THE WORLD & I generally follows the Chicago Manual of Style (and Merriam Webster's Tenth New Collegiate Dictionary for spelling).
* The first reference to an organization or any other term with an abbreviation should give the full name followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Subsequently, you may use the abbreviation alone.
* Because THE WORLD & I is circulated in many nations, the article should be clear from any reader's perspective (e.g. ``the government'' may need to read ``the U.S. government'' or ``the French government'').
* Be sure to write such that the article is comprehensible to people outside your area of expertise.

* We encourage articles that make an original contribution to the subject area.
* The content should be representative of current trends in the subject area.
* The information should be accurate, and the scholarship and research must be sound and verifiable.
* The overall coverage of the topic should be adequate; be sure that no important points are omitted.

* Please double-check facts obtained from primary or secondary sources; do not rely on the research of others.
* Include your home address when signing the contract (if you are an American citizen, also include your Social Security number).
* For the length of the article or other particulars, please refer to the contract accompanying the assignment.

* If you wish to submit photographs with your manuscript, please refer to the ``Photographer's Guidelines.''

Items to Accompany the Manuscript
* Writer's name as it should appear in the byline.
* Summary sentence (20-25 words maximum) to be used in the table of contents.
* An author's biography indicating qualifications--including academic background, published works, and any special life experience--for writing in the subject area.

* THE WORLD & I pays on a per-article basis that varies according to the length of the article, the complexity of special research required, and the experience of the author.

THE WORLD & I consists of eight colorful editorial sections .

Current Issues
Covers national and world affairs--through analysis, commentary, and special reports--and presents foreign perspectives on timely issues through its ``World Views'' and ``Global Forum'' subsections.
The Arts
Presents current and lasting achievements in art, poetry, music, dance, film, design, architecture, theater, and more. Includes ``Gallery,'' a 10-page color feature of the work of a particular artist.
Natural Science
Illuminates the world of science from its historical underpinnings to the latest cutting-edge discoveries.
Focuses on the enrichment of our daily lives by highlighting personalities, food, travel, health, sports, humor, and more.
Book World
Excerpts recent releases, with insightful commentary, and reviews important new fiction and nonfiction, including some foreign-language titles.
Surveys the world through a historical and an anthropological perspective. Includes ``Patterns,'' a 10-page photographic study of a chosen culture.
Currents in Modern Thought
Presents diverse points of view on education, philosophy, history, political science, sociology, and economics by leading authorities throughout the world.
Special Section
Originally conceived as an occasional section to treat important subjects from a number of perspectives, it includes our 16-month, ongoing ``Millennial Moments'' series surveying the achievements of the past 1,000 years.

A Publication of The Washington Times Corporation
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Review copies are available for $ 5.00. Please make the check payable to THE WORLD & I and mail to: Gary Rowe, Office Manager. Be sure to write the words ``for review copy'' on the memo line.
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