Article Title
Algeria Aicha's Tasks on Earth Jan Knappert Jun 2002
Algeria The Lion's Daughter Jan Knappert Jul 2002
Algeria From an Ounce of Sorrow Jan Knappert Aug 2002
Belva Green
Apr 1997
Australia How the World Began Peter Holden Jan 1998
Cambodia Flowing From the Nine-Headed Serpent Jan Knappert Dec 1999
Cambodia Wives and Idlers Jan Knappert Apr 2000
Caucasus Prometheus Among the Circassians John Colarusso Mar 1989
Caucasus Myths From the Forest of Circasia John Colarusso Dec 1989
Central Africa Ture the Trickster David Hicks Aug 1996
Chad Mandoko and Famine Jan Knappert Jul 1987
China Five Tales From China Yao-wen Li Jun 1986
China The Dragon King's Daughter Shien Min Jen Oct 1988
China Yu-yen Pack Carnes Aug 1990
China The Eight Immortals, Part 1 Pack Carnes Dec 1993
China The Eight Immortals, Part 2 Pack Carnes Jan 1994
China Flowers, Birds, and Butterflies David Hicks Nov 1997
Crimea Pursuing Their Fate Daniel Marshall May 1995
Crimea Ruslan and Ludmila Daniel Marshall Jun 1995
Czechoslovakia Rudolph Leopold Nickolos Lazare Evelyn Witter Jun 1989
Czechoslovakia The Night Watch Michael Krondl Mar 1990
Czechoslovakia Mystery Spirits Douglas Burton Feb 1998
East Timor A Monkey in a Hurry David Hicks Dec 1995
Eastern Africa Birds of Beauty Jan Knappert Oct 1994
Eastern Africa Muhammad the Wise New Jan Knappert Mar 2004
Eastern Africa Three Clever Fish New Jan Knappert Apr 2004
Estonia Estonian Lore Selve Maas Jul 1987
Flanders The Singing Lily Tree New Jan Knappert Sep 2003
Flanders The Haunted Castle New Jan Knappert Oct 2003
France The Three Thieves Josepha Sherman Apr 1991
Germany Truths and Waters Ed Street Sep 1999
Hungary Peasant Wit in Magyar Folktales Agnes & Steven Vardy Jun 1987
Hungary A Nation's Sacred Destiny, Part 1 Agnes & Steven Vardy Jul 1988
Hungary A Nation's Sacred Destiny, Part 2 Agnes & Steven Vardy Aug 1988
India Two Rajasthani Folktales Christi Ann Merrill Jul 1990
India A Louse's Blessing Christi Ann Merrill Mar 1992
Indonesia Fables From Java Jan Knappert Nov 1986
Indonesia A Sweet Voice Calling Jan Knappert Aug 1992
Indonesia The Old Woman and the Fish Jan Knappert Mar 1999
Indonesia Chepaka's Prophecy Jan Knappert Jul 1999
Indonesia Why There Is Only One Sun Jan Knappert Oct 2001
Iran Tales of the Boir Ahmadi Erika Friedl Loeffler Feb 1986
Iran Abd al -Qadir's Fables Jan Knappert Nov 1990
Iran Greater Than Gold Jan Knappert Dec 1992
Israel Searching for Lion Elliott Oring Apr 1989
Japan Ainu Tales of Gods and Bears Pack Carnes May 1989
Japan The Ogre Who Cried Christi Ann Merrill Jun 1991
Kenya Cunning Checkmates Force Jan Knappert Apr 2003
Kenya Lion and Bull Jan Knappert Feb 2003
Korea Old Tales From Korea Kim Yol-Gyu May 1987
Korea Fairy Tales From Korea Jan Knappert Jun 1990
Korea Choyong the Cuckold Jong Yil Ra Apr 1993
Korea To Be a Human Being Jong Yil Ra Aug 1993
Korea The Blindman's Daughter Ed Street Aug 1998
Korea The Dragon and the Beauty Jong-Yil Ra Dec 1988
Korea Yuri's Search for the Old Man New Jong-Yil Ra Jun 2003
Lesotho Two Magic Birds, Part 1 Jan Knappert Jul 1991
Lesotho Two Magic Birds, Part 2 Jan Knappert Aug 1991
Manchuria Manchurian Folktales, Part 1 Pack Carnes May 1992
Manchuria Manchurian Folktales, Part 2 Pack Carnes Jun 1992
Middle East Clever Fools Sheila Webster-Jain Aug 1988
Morocco Wealth From the Heart Jan Knappert Feb 1992
Muslim world The Prophet's Final Hour Jan Knappert Sep 1986
Muslim world Islamic Tales of King Solomon Jan Knappert Apr 1987
Myanmar So Many Temples Stephen Osmond Oct 2000
Norway Viking Fury Stephen Henkin Jan 2000
Peru Folklore and Andean Peasant Society Glynn Custred Nov 1989
Philippines When a Star Fell Jan Knappert Oct 1997
Philippines Fortune's Magic Favors Jan Knappert Apr 1998
Russia The Little Hunchbacked Horse Daniel Marshall Aug 1994
Russia A Runwaway Bun Elena Pavlova Dec 1997
Russia Vasilissa the Fair Elena Pavlova Jun 1998
Russia The Reward of True Service Elena Pavlova Jul 2000
Southeast Asia The King and the Tree Josepha Sherman Feb 1989
Thailand The Tiger and the Monk Jan Knappert Jan 1996
Thailand Pebbles Into Diamonds Jan Knappert Feb 1996
Tibet Tibet's Warrior Messiah Merlinda Fournier Mar 1988
Tibet Shoskyid's Ordeal Jan Knappert Jun 1993
Turkey Stories From Susurluk Paul J. Magnarella Aug 1986
Turkey The Paradox Magnarella & Webster Apr 1990
United States Navajo Wisdom Ethelou Yazzie Jan 1986
United States The Fiddler's Duel Josepha Sherman Jun 1989
United States Child of Chaos Josepha Sherman Apr 1990
United States La Llorona Martha Loustaunau Oct 1990
United States Witnessed but Unexplained Peggy Robbins Oct 1991
United States Guardian Angels of the West Carolyn Campbell Nov 1992
United States Telling Tales Lawanda Randall Feb 1995
United States Tauquitch Eugene Miller May 1995
United States Ever Tinkering With Chance Jack Connelly Apr 1998
United States Share in the Light Terri J. Andrews Jul 1998
United States America's Jack Craig J. Renner Sep 1998
Wales Merlin in Welsh Arthurian Lore Jan Knappert Sep 1988
Wales Faithful Gelert Sheila Webster Sep 1991
Wales Pengrych's True Heart Stephen Osmond Sep 1994
West Africa The Epic of Dausi, Part 1 Jan Knappert Jul 1989
West Africa The Epuc of Dausi, Part 2 Jan Knappert Aug 1989
Yemen Table Salt Daniel Martin Varisco Jul 1988
Zaire Apparitions in the Wilderness Rachel Fretz Dec 1990
Zaire Men of Memory Lawanda Randall Sep 1993
Zaire/Africa Lianja: The Nkuno Epic Cycle Jan Knappert Apr 1988
Zaire/Africa What Do You Think? Jan Knappert Sep 1997
Zambia When Daybreak Comes Mwizenge Tembo Mar 1997
Illustrations by Emiko Ozaki, Shinichiro Nishio, Holly Sue Buningh, S.B. Vardy, Pat Grush, Robin De Witt, and Anh Vu.

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