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Special Reports

Five Nations Under Siege: Cambodia, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Angola

In his speech to the United Nations in 1985, President Ronald Reagan highlighted five nations--Ethiopia, Angola, Cambodia, Nicaragua, and Afghanistan--in which communism is at war with six million people. THE WORLD & I presents an in-depth analysis of each country's situation and the prognosis for a possible solution.

Five Nations Under Siege
Ethiopia, September 1974 - The emperor Haile Selassie was deposed and Soviet backed rebels took power. Angola, February 1976 - A ...

Cambodia: Irresistible Force vs. Immovable Object
The year 1985 began inauspiciously for the Cambodians in early January when full-scale warfare suddenly erupted with one of the most ...

Afghanistan: Victory for the Mujahideen?
In Washington, key members in the Senate and Congress with the support and Reagan Administration officials, are posing themselves for more ...

Nicaragua: Fighting Against the Government
The facts on the ground in Nicaragua and the politically accepted version of the story are quite different. Both must be considered before ...

Ethiopia: An African Cambodia?
The concern of Americans - and others - about wrongdoing in the world is increasingly selective. While demonstrators appear regularly in ...

Angola: Marxist Regime Under Attack
Since the end of World War II, Soviet-supported insurgencies have been successful in coming to power in many parts of the world - Cuba, ...

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