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Special Reports on  " Environmental Science"

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Special Reports

The Environment: Striving for Global Balance

Beneath the surface agreement that we face a severe environmental problem, controversies and conflicts summer. Developed countries seek to curb pollution, while developing countries emphasize growth. Also at issue is the extent of the crisis and the most appropriate response. This month's Special Report examines these increasingly controversial topics through the eyes of experts with a variety of views.
Douglas Wetzstein/The World & I 

Environmentalism has truly become a global issue. In the United States, President Bush declares he will be an "environmental president." ...

The Coming North-South Conflict
There are no easy answers to the problem of balancing environmental protection and economic growth....

How to Clean Up the Mess
The international environmental mess can be controlled and rolled back only if each country does its share....

Needed: A Global Response
Nations will have to examine carefully the capacity of their governmental institutions to deal with the challenges posed by global environmental threats. ...

The 'Private' Approach Works
Bush will deserve the title of "the environmental president" if he successfully reduces wasteful federal projects and replaces them with private sector incentives....

The Siren Song of Environmentalism
Some scientists and environmentalists are using scare tactics to secure government research funds and to stimulate public contributions to their causes. ...

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