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Special Reports on  " General Science"

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Special Reports

Eastern Wisdom and Modern Science

East and West: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science
Science and technology have become dominant forces in the modern world, and Western civilization, pioneering in technological development, ...

Reality and the Physics of Maya
In space-time, everything which for each of us constitutes the past, the present, and the future is given en bloc…Each observer, as his ...

The Physicist and the Mystic: Is Dialogue Between Them Possible?
David Bohm is considered one of the world's foremost theoretical physicists and one of the most influential theorists of the emerging ...

The Holographic Hypothesis of Brain Function: A Meeting of Minds
The holographic principles that have emerged from science in the last twenty years represent the first instance since the time of Galileo ...

The New Vision of Reality
A dramatic change of concepts and ideas occurred in physics during the first three decades of this century. Still being elaborated in our ...

Space as God's Presence
Religious Experience and Religious Symbol ...

The School of Night
Fifteen-ninety-three was a plague year in England. A plague makes nothing matter: the black noise of apparently random and horrible death ...

Responsibility in Science and in Decisions About the Use or Non-Use of Technologies
The "wealth" of a nation consists primarily in its human capital, in the knowledge that its professionals generate, in the creative talent ...

Intellectual Tradition of Pre-Revolutionary Russia: A Reexamination
We are witnessing today a remarkable revival of interest in the Russian tradition. In the years of the Cold War, such interest was alive ...

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