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Special Reports on  " Technology"

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Special Reports

The 21st Century: Prospects for a Global Community

Courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art 
Memory of Oceania, by Honn Matesse

In January 1990, The World & I looked at the prospects for the last decade of the twentieth century. In this issue we extend our gaze to ...

New Thinking for a New Era
As we enter the last decade of this extraordinary century, we find ourselves at a crucial juncture in the long and adventurous history of ...

The Pacific Mind
Perhaps the Pacific Ocean is a symbol of a worldview that may take an increasing grip upon the human imagination; it is one that seeks to ...

A World in Transition
"The Cold War is over." This is the popular phrase used since 1989 to describe the passage we have made from one world, one reality, ...

Preventing Resource Conflicts
Throughout human history, conflicts over natural resources, clans, tribes, and nations, have been pervasive. In the twenty-first century, ...

Crisis in the World Order
We are living at a time in which crucial choices confront us. The choices that we make now will determine whether the twenty-first century ...

Reverend Moon's Vision: The Family of Man
When we ponder the likely course of events in the early decades of the twenty-first century, our initial inclination is to extrapolate ...

Reverend Moon's Proposals: Global Prosperity
The twentieth century is about to come to a close. Evaluations by future historians not withstanding, it has been a period of worldwide ...

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