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Special Reports on  " Environmental Science"

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Special Reports

Preserving the Earth: Beyond Ideology

Cathaleen Curtiss/The Washington Times 
Eco-terrorists use the ceramic tree spikes found here in a logging area of a national forest near Seattle, because they cannot be picked up by metal detectors.

The Earth Summit, the popular name for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), held in Rio de Janeiro during ...

World Politics and the Environment
Governments are faced with an unprecedented agenda of environmental issues now demanding political decision and action....

The Science and Politics of Global Warming
The efforts of policymakers to chart a responsible course between environmental development and environmental protection are challenged by the uncertainties of data about human impacts on the earth's climate....

Managing Problems, Assessing Risks
Thomas Kean is president of Drew University and chairman of the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation. As governor of ...

Rival Philosophies of the Earth
The usual Western assumptions about the meaning of life and the purpose of social institutions are in conflict with the intellectual underpinnings of the environmental movement....

New Directions In Environmental Ethics
Does the natural world have a value independent of human beings? A contextual approach can avoid the blind alley this question has become....

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