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Special Reports on  " General Science"

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Special Reports

Managing Mortality: The Ethics of Euthanasia

Illustration by Marcia Kloze-Hughes/The World & I 

It has been said that euthanasia could very well supplant abortion as the "life" issue of the next century. As baby boomers age, and ...

Euthanasia and Prenatal Genetic Testing: Two Cases for Responsible Use of Freedom
Even in a pluralistic culture, it is possible to accept common minimal principles of ethics such as non-maleficence, autonomy, and ...

Euthanasia and Morality: The Possibility of Dying a 'Good' Death
Anyone who followed the daily news in the mid 1970s probably recalls the Karen Quinlan case. As the result of ingesting a potent ...

Killing and Allowing to Die: The Ethical Importance of Precise Language
Anyone wanting to learn to think clearly about the choices facing us with respect to care for the dying and euthanasia will not be helped ...

Euthanasia and the Red Herring of Totalitarianism
Consider the last years of Jonathan Swift, an Irish clergyman and one of the keenest satiric minds Britain has produced. This brilliant ...

Physician-Assisted Death
The point of intersection between the very interesting articles by Rosemarie Tong and Stephen Post is that the physician-assisted death, ...

The Touchstone of Compassion
The ethics of euthanasia are increasingly caught in the conflict between two moral goods that are the consequence of the exponential ...

First Things First: Euthanasia and America's Problem of Individualism
The growing acceptance in this country of assisted suicide and active euthanasia (now frequently referred to as "physician aid-in-dying" ...

Hopi Art: Constancy and Change on Arizona's Mesas
They call themselves Hopi, "Peaceful People." Most Hopis (pronounced Ho-pees) reside in stone-and-adobe villages clustered on craggy ...

Tong Replies
Oftentimes when philosophers, theologians, or other thinkers reply to those who have commented upon their work, their primary intent is to ...

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