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Special Reports on  " Biology"

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Special Reports

Resurgent Infectious Diseases

Once considered effectively eradicated, diseases such as tuberculosis are reemerging. Why is this happening? Does science have new answers to offer?

The twentieth century has witnessed spectacular progress in our efforts to roll back various infectious diseases, including smallpox and ...

Know Your Enemy
The world of infectious diseases and the agents that cause them is not so foreign if we take a little time to explore it. ...

Diseased Societies
Although industrialized nations have seen great advances in controlling infectious diseases in the twentieth century, these historic great killers of humanity remain entrenched in the developing world and are resurging in the developed world. ...

Fighting the Implacable Foe
Even as new infectious diseases appear unexpectedly and old ones proliferate with a vengeance, the battle against them requires global strategies that involve the general public as well as the scientific and medical professions. ...

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