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Special Reports on  " Environmental Science"

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Special Reports

Global Warming

The threat posed to the environment by greenhouse gas emissions is a subject of heated controversy and grave implications. Our distinguished contributors debate the economic, political, and ethical issues.
Roger Richards/The Washington Times 
Are students being used in a cynical way? THey may not realize that much of the support for limiting greenhouse gas emissions comes from countries whose economies will benefit from the caps.

Lines in the Sand
In 1992, leaders of the world's nations, meeting at the historic Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, joined in establishing a "global partnership for sustainable development." The nations were to cooperate in addressing such diverse concerns as the quality of life, efficient use of Earth's resources, and protection of the global commons. More than lip service was promised. Initiatives set in motion were to address such difficult and politicized issues as the loss of biological diversity, declining supplies of fresh water, fisheries depletion, deteriorating air quality, and global climate change. Five years later, results--or even signs of progress--have been spotty, at best. ...

Human Activities Will Warm Surface Temperatures 2*F by 2050: Yes!
The global average surface temperature has risen about .5*C (1*F) since the late 1800s. This warming is not just an observational ...

Human Activities Will Warm Surface Temperatures by 2*F by 2050: No!
Many nations, including the United States, are poised to adopt far-reaching restrictions on the emission of greenhouse gases into the ...

Global Warming Is a Major Threat to National and Global Prosperity: Yes!
Last winter, 2,500 economists, including 8 Nobel laureates, announced that "we believe that global climate change carries with it ...

Global Warming Is a Major Threat to National and Global Prosperity: No!
Unable to convince the American public that global warming will cause a global ecological disaster, proponents of an international ...

The Twin Twigs: Coffee and Qat in Yemen
Yemeni legend has it that one day a man took his goats to browse among shrubs in the mountains. The goatherd noticed that--after eating berries from one plant--one of his goats began to prance around as though half crazed. Curious at such a strange sight, the old man tried some of the berries himself. He suddenly felt years younger. ...

Legally Binding Limits to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Should Be Imposed Now: No!
Legally binding targets and timetables could damage climate change efforts. It is almost certain that legally binding targets and ...

Developed Countries Should Bear the Initial Costs for Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Yes!
Since its initial signing at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, 166 countries have become parties to the Framework Convention on Climate ...

Developed Countries Should Bear the Initial Costs for Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions: No!
It is harsh to say so, but policymakers seem to be ignoring the obvious: Global climate change is a global problem. It turns out ...

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