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Special Reports

Taking the Mystery Out of Islam

In the West, images of Islam often focus on fundamentalism and terrorism. Contemporary Islam, however, is astonishingly diverse, is intimately related to Judaism and Christianity, and is a growing presence in Western countries, good reasons for looking beyond the stereotypes.

In the decade since the end of the Cold War, Islam has been intensively discussed and all too frequently portrayed as a new, rising menace confronting the United States and Europe now that the Soviet Union is no more. ...

What Is Islam?
Islam, a great monotheistic religion, provides spiritual and moral life, and cultural and sometimes national identity, to more than a billion people. ...

Islamic Approach to Development
The Islamic approach to development is to reconcile moral and religious values with economic advancement. ...

Islam's Rise in Central Asia
The republics are looking to Islam to help reinforce local identity in the process of nation building. ...

Belonging in the West
Multiple challenges and concerns arise from the presence of ever-growing Muslim communities within Western society. ...

Joining the Debate
Muslim women participate in the discussion of the many roles they may play in building a vital Islamic society for the next century. ...

Binding Religion and Politics
The relationship between Islam and literature, both secular and religious, is old, complex, and intimate. ...

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