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Special Reports

Ebola in West Africa

Ebola is a frightening disease, both for its effects on infected individuals and society at large. This month's special report examines this modern plague's progression in West Africa and the fight to stop its spread.

Since the outbreak of Ebola six months ago the numbers of cases have doubled every week. Hovering just under 6,000 cases, since this ...

Could A 2-Year-Old Boy Be 'Patient Zero' For The Ebola Outbreak?
Back in early December, a little boy in southern Guinea caught a mysterious disease. He had a fever, was vomiting and had blood in his ...

In The County Where Ebola First Struck Liberia, A Cry For Help
Lush and green, Lofa was once the breadbasket of Liberia. But farming has slowed in the northern county. The reason is Ebola. The virus ...

How Ebola Kills You: It's Not the Virus
Ebola has a nasty reputation for the way it damages the body. It's rightfully earned. "At the end stage of the disease, you have small ...

Ebola Is Rapidly Mutating As It Spreads Across West Africa
For the first time, scientists have been able to follow the spread of an Ebola outbreak almost in real time, by sequencing the virus' ...

Ebola Map May Help Stop Future Outbreaks
Oxford University scientists have developed a map of areas where animals are likely to be infected with the Ebola virus and they say itís ...

Doctor Remembered For Dedication To Fighting Deadly Ebola
Doctors and health workers in West Africa are especially vulnerable as they continue to battle to control the spread of Ebola, and dozens ...

Medical Centre to be Named for Physician Who Treated Ebola Victims
The family of Sheik Humarr Khan has set up a foundation in his name to help pay for the education of future medical workers and provide ...

The Economics of Ebola
The Ebola threat disrupts daily routines in the four countries where infections are spreading and concern is high in neighboring ...

Ebola Deals Economic Blow
The World Bank Group warns that the West Africa Ebola crisis could deal a huge economic blow to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone unless ...

Ebola Awareness Campaign Begins
Sierra Leone launched a new campaign Thursday to try to contain the spread of the ebola virus. Initial reports -- describing the effort as ...

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