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Special Reports & Select Essays on "African > Aid and Development"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
China's Emerging Presence in Africa (March 2008)
Time to End U.S. Foreign Aid? (June 1997)
The U.S. and the New Third World (May 1992)
Perestroika in Black Africa (August 1990)
Third World Debt: A Global Problem (February 1989)
A World In Debt (July 1986)

Select Essays
Africa-America-Asia Business Summit: 'You Have to Be Rich To Live in This World' (April 2008)
Africa: Small Entrepreneurs with Big Hopes (November 2011)
AIDS in Africa: A Circle of Care (May 2009)
Creating New Hope for Africa Through Loan Forgiveness (October 2005)
Cultural Differences: A Westerner's Sojourn among the Maasai (February 2009)
Defiant Missions: Changing Lives in Need (October 2010)
Economic Solutions for Africa (March 1987)
Ethiopian Agricultural Development (October 1997)
Hand-Held Computers Speed Food Aid (March 2011)
Indigenous Knowledge Helps Save Forests (February 2012)
Kenya: Easing the Trek for Water (February 2012)
Millions Depend on Global Fund Pledges (November 2010)
Niger's Uranium: Blessing or Curse? (December 2007)
Nigeria: Caught in the OPEC Crunch (July 1986)
Reforming International Lending (February 1989)
Somalia: Taking Schools Back From Militants (March 2012)
South Africa Complains Trade Deals with Europe Signed 'Under Duress' (February 2008)
The Best People to Help Africa Are Africans (March 1993)
The Mesgana Dancers (February 2009)
UN Development Goals Fall Short: Poor Nations Need More Aid (October 2004)
USAID Contributes to Progress in Morocco (June 2010)
Yields of Blood and Milk: Camel Husbandry Among the Masai (August 1995)
Zambia: Challenge to Retain Teachers (December 2010)

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