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Special Reports & Select Essays on "African > Continent in Crisis"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Ebola in West Africa (October 2014)
Zimbabwe's Trauma (May 2008)
Conflict Plagues the Ivory Coast (February 2008)
Niger Teeters on the Brink (January 2008)
Zimbabwe and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic (April 2007)
The AIDS Pandemic (June 1996)
Human Rights in the Post-Cold War World (July 1993)
Five Nations Under Siege: Cambodia, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Angola (February 1986)

Select Essays
I Carried Him a Whole Day (September 2011)
A Who's Who of the Darfur Groups in Sirte (December 2007)
Africa About to Implode (November 1994)
African Economy: A Decade of Decline (August 1990)
AIDS in Kenya: The Devastating Toll (April 1995)
Any Hope for Sudan? (January 1991)
Cast Away in Nairobi: Kenya's Homeless Street Children (September 1994)
Child Soldiers Return to Congolese Wars (June 2011)
Cost of Living Rising in Kenya (June 2011)
Crisis in the Franc Zone (April 1994)
D.R. Congo: Rehabilitating Former Child Soldiers (December 2011)
Demolishing Slums Is Not the Answer (November 2006)
Deserting Refugees in the Sahara (June 2012)
Environmentalists Criticize Cassava Improvements (February 2012)
Familiar Drought Haunts the Horn of Africa (May 2006)
Five Nations Under Siege (February 1986)
Glitter of Gold Fails to Brighten Mali's Prospects (December 2006)
Human Cost of Recession in Zimbabwe (August 2007)
Ivory Coast: Conservation Efforts Stumble (July 2003)
Ivory Coast: Ethnic Divisions Threaten Progress (July 1997)
Kenya Pushes Dubiously Against Islamists (November 2012)
Malaria: Africa's 'Silent Tsunami' (September 2005)
Map Provides Better Tools to Target Malaria in Africa (September 2009)
Massive Aid Needed to Stave off Disaster (September 2011)
North African Tinderbox (December 1995)
Polygamy Throttles Women in Senegal (October 2012)
Poorest Countries Bear Brunt of Growth (September 2009)
Somalia: Armed Militia Usurp Famine Relief Efforts (October 2011)
Swaziland: Loan Cash Causes Disagreement (September 2011)
Tearing Congo's Womb (March 2005)
Zambia: Cholera Breeds in Wastelands (February 2011)
Zimbabwe Crisis Threatens Africa (September 2009)
Zimbabwe: Barely a Drop to Drink (May 2010)

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