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Special Reports & Select Essays on "African > Winds of Change"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Remembering Nelson Mandela (January 2014)
Ghana and the Future of West Africa (October 2007)
South Africa: Miracle in the Making? (December 1994)
Southern Africa: Peace At Last? (December 1989)
South Africa: What Is To Be Done? (July 1987)
The Horn of Africa (September 1986)

Select Essays
“A New Dawn Rises Over Malawi” (May 2012)
A Peaceful Climb From Poverty (February 2010)
A Rising Influence Among Arab Nations? (December 2011)
Africa's Ills: Nothing Democracy Can't Fix ... (January 2004)
Africa: Small Entrepreneurs with Big Hopes (November 2011)
Africa’s Future Lies in Green Energy Grid (January 2011)
African Agriculture Promises Growth (October 2010)
African Retailer Creates Jobs With Green Practices (September 2008)
Another African Tragedy (May 2002)
Benin's Experience (June 2005)
Bulldozed Homes in Shadow of World Cup (April 2010)
Cultural Synthesis in Africa (February 1986)
East Africa's Perilous Journey (January 1994)
Francois Boko: African Democracy Dynamo (November 2003)
Internet: Africa Struggles to Break Barriers (December 2004)
Kenya's Turmoil Concerns Washington (February 2008)
Kenya: Good Friends Are Hard to Find (August 1988)
Liberia's Modernization (August 1986)
Nigeria in the Throes of Reform (July 1999)
Nigeria: In Search of Democracy (May 2000)
Okech 'Kenuel' Ogwaro: Master of Managing Insect Pests (November 1991)
Publishing in Africa (August 1988)
Publishing: Journalism as Nigeria Leaves a Divisive Past (May 1999)
South Africa to Join BRIC Group (February 2011)

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