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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Asian > China"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Protests in Hong Kong (November 2014)
China's Foreign Policy (December 2012)
China: Booms and Bumps (December 2011)
Asian Rivals Share Dilemmas (February 2011)
China Takes a Central Role (November 2009)
The Rise of Chinese Nationalism (July 2002)
The Different Chinas (October 2001)
Does Taiwan Matter? (April 2000)
Where Is China Headed? (October 1999)
The Challenge of China (October 1998)
China: The Good, The Bad, and the Dangerous (April 1996)
China After Deng (December 1995)
The U.S. and China: Forging a New Relationship (June 1993)
China's Newest Face (February 1991)
China: 40 Years of Revolution (October 1989)
China in a New Era (July 1988)
China's New Democracy (April 1987)
China Emerges (May 1986)

Select Essays
A Microcosm of Chinese Anger (March 2012)
A Responsible Great Power (November 2009)
A Spymaster Complains (November 2009)
A Turning Point for China (November 2012)
Asia Watches Diplomatic Dance (March 2011)
Authoritarian Systems Fear Digital Democracy (September 2009)
Britain’s Appeasement Hypocrisy (June 2012)
China and the Superpowers (November 1987)
China Asserts Sovereignty over South China Sea (September 2011)
China Becomes Increasingly Assertive (December 2010)
China Courts the Middle East (March 2012)
China Prepares to Revalue Currency (June 2010)
China's Psyche (April 2004)
China's Status on the Rise (December 2009)
China's Uncertain Future (June 1990)
China: A Society of Seniors (March 2012)
China: Awakened Giant of the Far East (May 2009)
China’s Choice in North Korea (January 2011)
China’s Record Drought Exposes Water Woes (May 2010)
Chinese Capitalism Surprises All (November 2009)
Chinese Diaspora Welcomes Year of the Dragon (February 2012)
Chinese Urbanization's Potentially Pacifying Power (August 2005)
Confucius vs. Avatar: And the Winner is… (March 2010)
Drug Abuse in the People's Republic of China (November 2002)
Environment in the Balance (October 1999)
Himalayan “Water Towers” Show Signs of Wear (February 2011)
Hong Kong's Destiny: Reading the Tea Leaves (April 1986)
Hong Kong: How It Might Vitalize China (February 1998)
How Much is China Investing, and Where? (September 2009)
Human Rights: China's Quiet Activists (April 2009)
Limits of Chinese Power in Southeast Asia (June 2011)
PAX Sinica (April 2011)
Politics: Must China 'Democratize or Die'? (November 2003)
Politics: The Democracy Movement in China (August 1989)
Scandal Erodes China’s Soft Power (June 2012)
Shanghai Hosts Ambitious World Expo (June 2010)
Social Tensions Emerge in China (January 2011)
Standing Apart From Global Community (November 2009)
Students Speak Out, Part One (September 1989)
Students Speak Out, Part Two (October 1989)
Taiwan and China: Near a Flash Point? (June 1996)
Taiwan Dances on a Tightrope: Prospective New Constitution Irritates Beijing (September 2004)
The Lessons of the China-India War (November 2012)
The New Barons of Bordeaux (October 2012)
Tiananmen Square Four Years Later (June 1993)
Tibet: Wedge or Link to the Future? (October 2009)
Treading Cautiously on the World Stage (September 2009)
U.S.-China Duopoly, 'Chimerica,' is a Pipedream (September 2009)
U.S.-China Relations in the Post-Deng Era (August 1990)
Unraveling China's Future (June 1994)
Vietnam War and Mao's Struggle for Power (April 1987)
What do the Chinese Think of Their New Role in the World? (January 2008)
Why Egypt Should Worry China (March 2011)

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