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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Asian > Japan"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Whatever Happened to Japan? (April 1997)
Japan's New Face (November 1993)
The Coming Decline of Japan? (November 1990)
Whither Japan? (March 1988)

Select Essays
Aging in Japan: The Eighty-Year System (May 1988)
Aging in Modern Japan (March 1988)
Asia’s Future: Should Japan Play a Larger Role? (December 2010)
Big Deficits or Low Savings, but Not Both (October 1992)
Capitalism and Religion: The Case of Japan (February 1987)
College Students Speak Their Minds (August 2003)
Crime and Culture in Japan (June 1995)
Culture in Transition (November 1986)
Culture: Japanese Husbands Express Their Love (March 2009)
Cyberspace: The Evolution of Japan's Internet Culture (June 2002)
Economy: Japan Still Thinking Ahead (April 2009)
Economy: Lazarus or Rip van Winkle? (January 2002)
Economy: The Land of the Setting Sun (October 1992)
Englanese: English Loanwords and the Japanese Language (September 1988)
Fukushima: How Worried Should We Be About Radiation (June 2011)
Health Care in Modern Japan (June 1987)
Japan Plays Uncle Tsam to Developing World (September 1989)
Japan-Turkey: 'The Problem is, We Have No Problems' (January 2010)
Japan: A Tryst with Destiny (April 2011)
New Destiny, Part I (November 1993)
New Destiny, Part II (December 1993)
Political Economy: An Expatriot's Point of View (May 1990)
Politics and Economy: Japan's Uncertain Future (October 1992)
Rising Demands in Japan to End Discriminatory Work Laws (March 2010)
Role of Japan in Asia's Future (May 2007)
Seven Falls, Eight Rises: A Thematic History of an Enigmatic People (January 1986)
Social Change in Postwar Japanese Society (April 1987)
Technology: Japan Enters the World Series (September 1987)
Tokyo and the Koreas (October 1988)
Toyota’s Stumble No Japanese Metaphor (May 2010)
Trade: Japan Ponders a Pacific Triangle (May 1991)

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