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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Asian > Southern Asia"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Pakistan Dilemma (February 2012)
Asian Rivals Share Dilemmas (February 2011)
Pakistan Mired in Grief (October 2010)
A Nuclear Nation at Risk (June 2009)
Bangladesh Struggles to Recover from Flooding Crisis (November 2007)
India (August 2007)
The Tsunami's Ripples (February 2005)
World Power India (June 2004)
Why the India-Pakistan Crisis Matters (May 2002)
India: Democratic, Diverse, Divided (October 1996)

Select Essays
Alas, Poor Pakistan (October 2010)
Bangladesh Charts an Obstacle-Strewn Course (October 1986)
Bangladesh: Microcredit Crucial in Poverty Reduction (November 2011)
Despite Progress, India a “Premature Power” (December 2010)
Gamblers and Gladiators: The Crisis in South Asia (April 2002)
Geology of the 'Roof-of-the-Earth' Quake (December 2005)
India and Pakistan Join the Nuclear Club (August 1998)
India and Pakistan: Shortages Suggest Indus Treaty Review (May 2010)
India Considers Reserving Seats in Legislatures for Women (April 2010)
India May Join Non-Proliferation Struggle (March 2010)
India Needs a Sputnik Moment (June 2011)
India's ‘Coaching Classes:’ Gateway to a Bright Career (November 2010)
India's Estranged Communities (June 1988)
India's Growing Military Might Worries Its Neighbors (August 1989)
India's Socioeconomic Makeover (August 1998)
India-Pakistan Crisis (March 2002)
India: A Bubbling Political Pot (May 1991)
India: A Muddled Mandate (August 1996)
India: Silicon Valley Expats Spur Innovation (October 2010)
India’s Hostage Parliament (October 2012)
India’s Not So White Revolution (April 2010)
Indian Corruption: Not Quite Cricket (June 2010)
Indian Culture as Political Phenomena (February 1987)
Indian Democracy After 52 Years (June 2000)
Interim Law to Give Nepal New Era of Control (April 2007)
Internet Becomes Newest Victim of Repression in Kashmir (November 2012)
Is India Emerging as France of Asia? (January 2007)
Karma Capitalism: Doing Well by Doing Good (September 2011)
Kashmir Powder Keg (February 1999)
Kyrgyzstan’s Kidnapped Brides (June 2012)
Listening and Consulting Gains Friends (December 2009)
Nepal's Beauty and Grace Hide Poverty (April 2010)
Nepal's Poor Suffer Most in Civil War: Maoist Rebels Seen Making Gains (December 2004)
Nepal: Women Plant Seeds for a Secure Future (October 2011)
Pakistan and the U.S.: An Uneasy Alliance (December 2005)
Pakistan at 50: Asia's Rusty Linchpin (May 1997)
Pakistan Coup (January 2000)
Pakistan Democracy: An Interview (November 2008)
Pakistan Versus the Last Superpower: A Former U.S. Ally Moves Toward Jihadism and Isolation (March 2001)
Pakistan: Amid Doubts, U.S. Boosts Aid (October 2010)
Philippines: Peace and Tourism (December 2012)
Rural India Greets 3G Mobile Technology (December 2009)
South Asia's Politics of Paranoia (May 2003)
State of Uncertainty: Nepal and its capital, Kathmandu (January 2012)
Tears and Fears for Pakistan: Part One (October 2010)
Tears and Fears for Pakistan: Part Two (October 2010)
Time-Traveling in Asia (April 1995)
U.S.-India Nuclear Pact May Be a Bad Deal for India--and the U.S. (September 2005)

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