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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Civics > U.S. Democracy"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
2012 National Conventions (October 2012)
Does American Democracy Fall Short? (April 2004)
A Ten Commandments Country? (January 2004)
The Politics of Money (March 2000)
Is Money Good for Politics? (August 1996)
The Shaping of America: 200 Years of the Constitution (September 1987)
Separation of Powers and National Security (August 1987)
Ideas of Democracy (November 1986)

Select Essays
Alex de Tocqueville and the French Revolution (September 1987)
Alex de Tocqueville Ideal Types (November 1986)
Alex de Tocqueville Sidebar (October 1998)
Bill of Rights: The Foundations (March 1992)
Cold War: A Strategy for Freedom (January 1987)
Conservatism: A Work In Progress (January 1987)
Constitution and Higher Law (May 1994)
Constitution's Failed Amendments (September 1987)
Constitutional Convention: The Formation of the United States (January 2005)
Constitutional Convention: The Most Momentous Chapter in American History (April 2002)
Constitutional Development: To Secure the Blessings of Liberty (September 1987)
Constitutional Framers: Not Philosophes, but Aristocrats (January 1988)
Declaration of Independence: Teaching the Founding (July 1996)
Democracy and Religion: On the Existence and Nonexistence of Nations (May 1993)
Europe and the U.S.: Considering the American Experience (October 1991)
Flag Day Through The Years: A New Constellation (June 1995)
Ideology of Freedom's Expansion (September 1988)
Ideology: The American Left, the American Right, and the Enlightenment (April 1988)
John Adams' Influential Constitutional Writings (November 1986)
Line-Item Veto is Unconstitutional (Clinton v. City of New York) (September 1998)
Natural Rights: Unalienable and Universal (October 2009)
Ortega on the Crisis of Western Civilization (September 1988)
Presidency's Supremacy in Defending National Security (August 1987)
Religion and the American Self (June 1997)
Review: The Test For Our Times (October 2009)
Separation of Powers and the Control of Foreign Policy (August 1987)
Separation of Powers in a Dangerous World: Constitution, Foreign Policy and Deterrence (August 1987)
Separation of Powers Revisited (November 1986)
Separation of Powers: To Chain the Dog of War (August 1987)
Television's Reshaping of the World of Politics (November 1994)

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