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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Economics > Crisis, Relief, and Development"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Global Poverty (November 2013)
Millennials in the Great Recession (April 2012)
Europe at Risk (January 2012)
Europe's Financial Crisis (October 2011)
Greece Engulfed in Crisis (April 2010)
Human Trafficking (January 2009)
The Search for Sustainability (October 2008)
Collapse of Doha Talks (September 2008)
Global Food Crisis (May 2008)
International Crisis of Poverty (January 2008)
Foreign Aid Solutions (December 2006)
Slum World (November 2006)
Rivers of Refugees (May 2005)
Time to End U.S. Foreign Aid? (June 1997)
Children as Chattels (February 1995)
Third World Debt: A Global Problem (February 1989)
A World In Debt (July 1986)

Select Essays
Advanced Technology and Open Democracy (April 1990)
Africa’s Future Lies in Green Energy Grid (January 2011)
Aid to Africa: Bush Initiatives that Deserve Continuing Support (December 2008)
Bangladesh Avoids Worst of Financial Crisis (December 2009)
Banksters Hijack Microfinance (September 2012)
Boomerang Aid Enriches Donors (October 2011)
Child Labor and Globalization: The Cause Can Also Be a Cure (October 2007)
Child Labor Around the World (August 2000)
Climbing Out of Development Crisis (November 2010)
Debt Challenge Strains Credibility (April 2010)
Developing Nations: The World According to the Group of 77 (October 1994)
Diplomats, Aid Workers Fear to Treat Stress (October 2011)
Famine's Many Faces (September 1986)
Fight to Save Aid from Budget Cuts (November 2011)
Fighting Poverty Takes More Than Money (December 2009)
Food Prices Set to Rise Further (November 2011)
Foreign Aid's Restoration (February 1989)
Fortress Europe: Xenophobia and Economic Crisis Assault Immigration (November 2009)
Gender Equality: Singaporean Women Seek Equality (July 1994)
Global Giving Still on the Rise (February 2012)
Green Revolution: Vetch Helps Transform Agriculture in Syria (April 2002)
Indentured Servitude: Combating Nepal's Culture (May 2005)
Joblessness Threatens Global Prosperity (June 2010)
Leading the Way Out of Financial Crisis (November 2009)
Low UNICEF Funding Leaves Millions of Children at Risk (March 2012)
Obama Faces Worst Jobs Statistics Since WWII (January 2010)
Potable Water Crisis (August 2007)
Privatization: A Spotty Record in the Third World (January 1988)
Restoring Horizons: Sustaining Highland Agriculture in Vietnam (June 2002)
Slavery: Worldwide Evil (April 1996)
Slowly, But Surely, Trade Erodes Global Poverty (December 2011)
Thailand and Modernization (February 1986)
The Debt Death Trap (May 2010)
Western-Islamic Cooperation: A New Era of Support for Community Development (November 2004)

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