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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Economics > U.S. Energy"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Kicking the Oil Habit (September 2005)
The Future of Energy (November 2003)
The National Energy Crisis (June 2001)

Select Essays
A Giant Beginning Toward an Uncertain End (February 2010)
Algae for Biofuels: Promise to Reality, but How Fast? (December 2010)
Canada Woos Green Power Investors (December 2009)
Carbon Prices Reflect Uncertain Year (February 2010)
Conservation and Security: A Sensible National Energy Strategy (June 1991)
Cutting Climate’s Gordian Knot (June 2010)
Doors Opening for Carbon Tax (February 2010)
Energy Crops for Biofuels (August 1991)
Fossil Fuels and Energy Independence (May 2002)
Growing Biofuels Crops Sustainably (October 2009)
How Should Carbon-Emissions Permits be Allocated? (December 2009)
Inertial Confinement Fusion (May 1990)
Is it Time to Rekindle Wood Energy? (May 2009)
Magnetic Confinement Fusion (August 1988)
Meeting Energy Challenges in the Western Hemisphere (June 2008)
Nuclear Energy: Catastrophe or Salvation? (April 2006)
Oceanic Energy: Catch a Wave for Clean Electricity (July 1992)
Oceanic Heat: An Untapped Solar Energy Source (August 1993)
Oil Age Ending? (March 2005)
Oil Gluts and Inexhaustible Energy Systems (April 1986)
Our Energy Appetite (August 2002)
Politics and Energy: What is the Policy? (November 2003)
Power Deregulation: Is There Any Hope? (January 2005)
Reducing Consumption: It's the Architecture, Stupid! (October 2003)
Rethinking Jobs for a Sustainable Economy (December 2009)
Security of U.S. Energy: How Good Is It? (July 1987)
September 11 and Our Energy Future (February 2002)
Small Changes Jumpstart Greener Lifestyle (March 2010)
Sunlight and Life (November 1989)
Support Grows for De-Growth Economic Model (November 2010)
The New Future of Renewable Energy (April 2002)
US Cedes Green-Energy Business to Asia (February 2011)
We Still Have an Energy Crisis (August 2002)
Where Does the Future of Energy Lie? (November 2003)
Wind Power Rising (June 1993)
Wind Power: Findings Could Expand Use of Wind Farms (November 2010)

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