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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Economics > Global Economy"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Encouraging Enterprise (November 2011)
A Crumbling Global Economy? (January 2011)
BRICs: Emerging Styles (December 2010)
Global Brands, Local Cultures (September 2010)
Climate Change Concerns Persist (April 2009)
India's Economic Boom and Bane (March 2009)
Clock Ticking on Climate Change (June 2008)
China's Emerging Presence in Africa (March 2008)
Are The Games Worth It? (September 2007)
50 Years of a European Economic Community (August 2007)
Asia Rising (May 2007)
Advancing Women (March 2007)
Asian Tigers (August 2006)
Free Trade Fracas (February 2006)
World Power India (June 2004)
A New Strategy for Latin America (April 2002)
Coping with the Global Recession (January 2002)
The New Eastern Europe (November 1999)
Global Warming (December 1997)
The New Tripolar Economics (May 1991)
The Coming Decline of Japan? (November 1990)
Southeast Asia: Region on the Rise (March 1990)
Communism and Capitalism: How Can They Meet? (November 1989)
Debating International Trade (October 1989)
The Global Appeal of Privatization (January 1988)
Trade Legislation: Seeking the Right Balance (May 1987)
The World Faces Lower Oil Prices (April 1986)

Select Essays
Africa in the 1990s: What the West Can Do (August 1990)
Africa-America-Asia Business Summit: 'You Have to Be Rich To Live in This World' (April 2008)
Africa’s Future Lies in Green Energy Grid (January 2011)
African Economy: A Decade of Decline (August 1990)
Around the Globe, Workers Demand Decent Jobs (November 2011)
Asia and the IMF: Let Free Markets Work (April 1998)
Asia Factor in Global Hollywood (September 2007)
Can Argentina’s Success Last? (February 2011)
Can World Economy Rebalance? (September 2010)
Canada Woos Green Power Investors (December 2009)
China Offers Europeans Financial Rescue (November 2010)
China Prepares to Revalue Currency (June 2010)
China's Made-in-America Success Story (October 2012)
China's Mixed Economy (October 1999)
China: Economic Crisis Could Push Reform (December 2008)
Chinese Urbanization's Potentially Pacifying Power (August 2005)
Clean Water Is No Guarantee (October 2011)
Climate Change: Unilateral Policies Would Distort Free-Trade (December 2009)
Climbing Out of Development Crisis (November 2010)
Corporations vs. Regulations: No Contest (June 2012)
Could Developed Nations Shy Away? (March 2010)
Creating a Single Currency (February 1997)
Crisis Could Impact World (April 2010)
Despite Progress, India a “Premature Power” (December 2010)
Development: Unthinking the Past (April 2010)
Divided We Fall (October 2011)
Economic Crisis: Twin Excesses Caused Crash (June 2009)
Economic Reforms Must Include Popular Voice (May 2011)
Economy: The Land of the Setting Sun (October 1992)
Entering the Pacific Century (December 1996)
EU: How Many More Require Rescue? (June 2010)
EU: Mistrust Undermines its Future (June 2010)
Europe and China Must Cooperate (February 2012)
EUROPE: The Dissolution of the Nation-State (December 2012)
Europe’s Subprime Quagmire (May 2011)
European Economy Since 1945: Coordinated Capitalism (August 2007)
Farm Subsidies: Separating the Wheat From the Chaff (September 1989)
Financial Worries Have Implications for US/China Relationship (November 2010)
Foreign Debt and the Limits of US Power (April 2011)
Free Trade Has Enriched the World (November 2009)
Germany's Political Landscape Takes a Left Turn (December 1998)
Global Giving Still on the Rise (February 2012)
Global Laughingstock: Squabbling Over Debt Questions US Leadership (September 2011)
Global Transformation, Not Globalization (December 2004)
Global Warming Is a Major Threat to National and Global Prosperity: No! (December 1997)
Global: Microfinance More than Loans (November 2011)
Globalization and Islamic States: Rigid Rulers React Clumsily (March 2005)
Globalization and Mideast Development (October 2004)
Globalization's Blessings and Burdens (April 1998)
Globalization's Invisible Hand: Alan Greenspan's 'Age of Turbulence' (February 2008)
Globalization: Comparing U.S. and Chinese Models (January 2011)
Globalization: Ethical Development and the Social Impact (December 2005)
Globalization: The Good and the Bad (September 2000)
Globalization: The Multilaterals (November 2000)
Globalization’s Positive Influence in Reducing Poverty (September 2011)
India and Alternative Energy (October 2008)
India: Fierce Democratic Struggle Shapes Globalization (March 2009)
India: Poverty Retreats with Globalization's Advance (May 2007)
Indigenous Knowledge Helps Save Forests (February 2012)
Industrial Policy Comes Out of the Cold (February 2011)
Innovation Reigns Supreme (May 2011)
Is US Falling Behind in Global Race for Talent? (December 2011)
Joblessness Threatens Global Prosperity (June 2010)
Karma Capitalism: Doing Well by Doing Good (September 2011)
Kenya: Easing the Trek for Water (February 2012)
Laos Steps Into Globalized World (February 2010)
Markets Prey on Debt-Laden Nations (March 2011)
Markets, Not Politics, Decide (June 2010)
New Energy for Reintegration: Oil Exports Are Fueling Russia's Ties to East Asia (October 2004)
New Energy Frontiers Expand Global Connections (October 2008)
Open Trade a Win-Win for All: Time to Complete Doha (October 2010)
Pakistan: Amid Doubts, U.S. Boosts Aid (October 2010)
PAX Sinica (April 2011)
Preparing for New Economic Landscape (September 2010)
Protectionism: Is It Unavoidable? (March 2009)
Savings Patterns Vary Dramatically Between World Powers (October 2012)
Singapore's Cottage Industries (June 1987)
Soccer Lessons for Globalization of Labor (September 2010)
Somalia: Taking Schools Back From Militants (March 2012)
South Africa to Join BRIC Group (February 2011)
Squabbles Cloud Eurozone Future (November 2010)
Support Grows for De-Growth Economic Model (November 2010)
Taiwan: The Economic Miracle (April 2000)
The “Trilemma” of World Economy (June 2010)
The Debt Death Trap (May 2010)
The Emerging Market Growth Engine (February 2011)
The New Barons of Bordeaux (October 2012)
The Wobbly West (September 2011)
The WTO as Battleground: A Realist Revival (March 2001)
Time to Rethink Viability of European Currency Union? (January 2011)
Time to Set Aside Free Trade Agreements? (October 2009)
Toyota’s Stumble No Japanese Metaphor (May 2010)
Treaty of Rome: Paradox Clouds the European Anniversary (August 2007)
U.S. Companies Question Doing Business in Latin America (May 2009)
Unequal Burdens May Undermine Free Trade (March 2010)
Unfettered Mercantilism a Risk to Global Stability (January 2011)
Unsustainable, Unfair, Unstable, and Making us Unhappy (November 2011)
Vision Needed to Tackle Global Crises (September 2010)
Where is the New Growth? (September 2010)
Why Globalization Is in Trouble: Part I (October 2006)
Why Globalization Is in Trouble: Part II (November 2006)
Will G-20 Promises Help or Hurt Obama? (November 2009)

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