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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Education > Around the World"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
Global Education in the Modern Age (May 2014)
Early Education (March 2013)
Education: The Key to Global Development (June 2003)

Select Essays
'World Teachers Day' Recognizes Room for Improvement (November 2008)
A Progress Report on International Reading Literacy in Primary Schools (November 2009)
A World of Choice in Education (July 1993)
Africa: Mission of Schools (April 1989)
Algeria: Refusing to Melt in Their World (February 1988)
Brazil: Music Education Opens Doors (October 2009)
Bridging the Gender Gap in Yemen's Schools (October 2008)
Britain: A Critical Look at a National Curriculum and Testing (December 1991)
Canada: Public Schooling in Ontario in an Age of Diminishing Expectations (April 1988)
Children in Labor: How Sociocultural Values Support Child Labor (February 1995)
Educating the European Way (January 2003)
Educational Development in Post-independent Eritrea (January 2007)
Emergency Education Gains Ground (January 2009)
Globalization, Education, and Citizens of Muslim Heritage (April 2006)
India's ‘Coaching Classes:’ Gateway to a Bright Career (November 2010)
India: Sanskrit Education in Varanasi (September 1998)
Israel: More Parents Opt for 'Democratic Schools' (October 2005)
Japan: Standards vs. Flexibility (September 1999)
Palestinians Struggle for Education (December 2010)
Thai Youth Hanging Out (January 1990)
Thailand Education and Social Change (February 1997)
The Arab University: Nationalist Caldron or Center of Scholarship? (June 1989)
The Emerging World’s Education Imperative (December 2012)
Tibetan Monastic Universities: Education Preserves a Culture in Exile (April 1988)
USAID Contributes to Progress in Morocco (June 2010)
Zambia: Challenge to Retain Teachers (December 2010)

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