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Special Reports & Select Essays on "Education > Challenge & Change"

Click on a title below to access either a set of articles published as a Special Report, or an individual article in Select Essays. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports
The Debate Over Origins: Creationism or Evolution? (January 1996)
The Love of Language (June 1995)
Changing the Face of American Education (October 1994)
Can Technology Save Education? (May 1994)
Equal Education, Equal Funding? (September 1993)
Death of a Reading Culture? (August 1993)
The Preschool Years: Enhancing Classroom Readiness (January 1992)

Select Essays
Allan Bloom: Democracy and Deceit in the Great Books Debate (November 1990)
Asians and American Education (January 1987)
Become Your Child’s Bully Coach (April 2011)
Bilingual Education: A Crutch Rather Than a Boost (October 1986)
Bilingual Education: A Letter to Our Children (October 1986)
Bilingual Education: Is It Going Away? (March 2000)
Bilingual Education: New Dimensions (September 1988)
Black Americans and the Educational Wasteland of Our Public Schools (June 1986)
Decline of Moral Civilization: Can Character Education Reverse the Slide? (June 1996)
Education Level Inversely Related to Childbearing (June 2011)
Encouraging a Cheat-Free Classroom (April 2011)
Higher Education Reform: The Decline of the Knowledge Factory (June 1998)
Latinos Get Push for Higher Education (May 2010)
Liberal Education: External Influences and Internal Conflicts (March 1988)
Local Control: A Revolution at the Grass Roots (October 1994)
Our Educational Reform and the Moral Education of Our Children (March 1988)
Personal Touch Gets Kids Back in Class (January 2010)
Pluralism and Public Schooling (July 1987)
Repatriation of the School: The Fourth R (March 1986)
Revitalizing Science Education (January 1997)
Sex Education: Exemplary Abstinence-Based Programs (September 1989)
Standards: Encouraging the Arts in Schools (January 2007)
Student Role in Educational Reform (March 1988)
Texas Education System: The Four Biggest Challenges (August 1995)
The School as Moral Instructor: Deliberate Efforts and Unintentional Consequences (March 1988)

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